Workouts to Lose Weight

Workouts to Lose Weight, Fat loss is a subject that is at the front of many people’s mind these days. Have you tried or thought of losing weight and started jogging: sprinting up a hill? Have you been hitting the gym to lift those weight? I am sure if you’ve done one of these or equivalents of these exercises. Which is better? Which type of workout is the most effective for you? 

 workouts to lose weight

Not all those exercises are the same and they do not produce the same effect on your physique. Here we will look into the three different types of body exercises and determine the most effective workouts to lose weight.
There are three major types of body exercises:

 Cardio Workouts

These are low-intensity exercises that basically raises the heart rate. Common cardio workouts include jogging, walking, swimming, bike riding, and rowling among others. Although the cardio exercises are effective in weight loss, they burn smaller amounts of calorie over an extended period.

Cardio intervals (high-intensity bursts followed by short slower recovery period) have been shown to be more effective than steady-state cardio as the short intensive bursts for the muscle to work harder without oxygen (anaerobic conditioning) hence muscles burn more fuel.

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 Weight Training

Weight training workouts include all exercises involving lifting of either dead weights or body weights such as during push ups or lunges. The main aim of these workouts is to build muscles and increasing muscle fiber cells. Although the result of these exercises is increased muscle mass or firmed up muscle. The underlying physiological processes lead to loss of all extra fats. During weight training, stored fats are burnt for energy needed during muscle growth. Weight training exercises cause a continued calorie burn out way long after the training session.

When weight training for weight loss, it is advised to do full body workouts- workouts that incorporate the largest group of muscles. These exercises include squats, kettlebell swings, lunges, burpees, inverted rows, squat thrusts, pushups, and pull ups. When these exercises are done in a circuit, metabolism is revved up in all the major muscle regions.

 High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT involves doing a particular exercise with varying rates of intensity and speed. For example, sprinting for 30 seconds followed by slowed 90 seconds of jogging repeated for several minutes.
HIIT constantly forces the body to adapt to the changing conditions. When the body is forced out of its norm, metabolic processes are increased so as to compensate for increased energy demands. These metabolic activities are kept in high gear even hours after the exercise. HIIT exercises are the most effective types of workouts for weight loss as they show the highest amount of calorie burnt.

Although the above types of workouts produce a different degree of weight loss, expert trainers advice the combination of the three. You can warm up with cardio moving on to weight training and then warming down with cardio. When the high-intensity intervals are incorporated in the cardio and weight training exercises, they result in a prolonged calorie burning effect hence effective weight loss while also firming the body muscles for healthy support.

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