Wobenzym: Uses, Benefits, Effects and Experts’ view

Wobenzym: Uses, Benefits, Effects and Experts’ view. For starters, for those who are not so conversant with wobenzym, these are drug-free supplements that are formulated with the same natural digestive enzymes that the body utilizes to breakdown proteins from food, together with rutin – an antioxidant and fruit enzymes such as papain and bromelain. Millions use Wobenzym across the world to lessen chronic pain as well as subside inflammation and speed up the recovery process.

Understanding Wobenzym

Manufactured by Mucos Pharma, these dietary natural supplements have been around for over fifty years offering alternative medicines to complex medical illnesses with basic solutions which are considered as being within the realm of science. However, these supplements do not intend to substitute conventional medical evaluation and treatment. But what are some of the uses of wobenzym?

Uses of Wobenzym

Branded as the world’s number “one” joint health supplement, wobenzym comes with a myriad of uses and benefits that are essential for anyone who wants to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Well, below are some of the uses of wobenzym:

♦ Strong and healthy joints

Troves of studies have proven that wobenzym branded supplements help to maintain strong and healthy joints. For those who have ever experienced joint pains, you will be glad to know the ”holy grail” of this frustrating pain is here with us. The supplements can be used to alleviate occasional symptoms that may be brought about by joint pain thereby ensuring your daily routine is not interfered with especially for athletes.

 Prevents aches

For most people, aches, and pains have become part and parcel of modern-day living that we have been forced to embrace them as norms. However, with wobenzym branded products, these aches and pains will be a thing of the past as they provide a temporary reprieve from muscle soreness, body pains, and aches.

 Enhances mobility

A healthy joint is a requisite for good mobility and flexibility. With wobenzym supplements, our muscles and joints wellness are addressed especially after long effort and exertion thereby ensuring we achieve a wide range of motion and flexibility.

 Speedy recovery

We all want to have a speedy recovery so that we can get out of bed and put food on our tables. While injuries are bound to happen especially when it comes to sports, this does not mean that you will forever be wrapped up in bandages. Wobenzym plays a critical role in preventing the symptoms of sports injury and the imminent soreness of your ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints.

Key Benefit of Wobenzym

One of the most profound benefits of wobenzym supplements is the ability to balance the immune system rather than stimulating or suppressing it. A decrease in the immune system makes the body susceptible to illness and chronic diseases while an overactive immune system may cause the body to attack itself. However, for a balanced immune system, the body is able to efficiently defend itself from viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Wobenzym enables the body to repair and heal its damaged tissues thereby enhancing the effect of the immune system.

Negative Side Effects

Wobenzym comes with a number of reported side effects ranging from mild to severe especially when it interacts with other drugs. Therefore before adding wobenzym to your daily regimen, it is important to consult with your physician. The following are some of the negative side effects associated with wobenzym:

♦ Interaction with blood thinners

wobenzym contains bromelain- a pineapple enzyme that adversely interacts with blood thinners medication such as warfarin. Blood thinners medications are used to prevent blood clots in the vein and when it comes into contact with bromelain, the enzymes neutralized the drug action making it ineffective.

♦ Interaction with antibiotics

Bromelain also affects antibiotics such as tetracycline. Unlike the neutralizing effect upon reaction with blood thinner drugs, bromelain intensifies the effects of antibiotics by inducing the body to absorb more active ingredients in the medication.

♦ Allergic reactions

Another component of wobenzym – the antioxidant rutin is also attributed to causing a number of allergic reactions in the body that include body rashes, respiratory problems, and lymph-node swelling. Similarly, the supplement may bring about digestive problems such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Experts viewpoint

With the supplement having been approved by the FDA, and the Manufacturer’s solid reputation of over 50 years, medics recommend the use of the supplement. However, not all brands are endorsed as some have not undergone any clinical trial hence the number of stomach-related illnesses reported by a number of users. Therefore, it is always important to consult your doctor on the best available formulas that are backed up with clinical data

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