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What Takes Away Stretch Marks?

What Takes Away Stretch Marks? Stretch marks can be ugly. Provided that you do not confront them as soon as you notice them, they may even become permanent. That would of course be an unfortunate scenario, but the fact of the matter is that the longer stretch marks are neglected, the bigger is the chance of the skin on your body growing, tightening, and as a result deepening those stretch marks.

 Natural Remedies for Stretch Marks

Now, it needs to be understood from the outset that stretch marks are not the result of too much exercise in the least. Although they are very often a result of a certain kind of neglect of the body. In the simplest terms, the appearance of stretch marks on a person’s skin reflects an internal struggle between either too much, or too little energy intake. It is being compared here to the average energy consumption. They are therefore a result of a rather sudden change, and a lack of resources to naturally adapt to that change.

Causes of Stretch Marks on The Skin

Every excess, and excess can also mean a sudden lack of food, or movement, is a form of neglect for the organism. It may have developed because you were too busy with work to move about for example, although even very natural things like pregnancy can cause stretch marks too. If you are small, or skinny in statue and you accumulate value all at once, your naturally flexible skin can easily go to its peak point. The point is, they are not sexy, they are not cool, and you probably want to hide them as fast as you can. Good.

The only problem is, stretch marks are not in the habit of dispreading at will, or dispreading too soon, just because you wish them to. In fact the very reason why you may not have noticed your stretch marks developing in the first place was because the process of it was very slow, and who would casually pay attention to an odd mark, or a line of lighter skin here and there.

Causes of stretch marks vary, and include the following;


During pregnancy, many parts of the body grow bigger in size, the tummy, breasts, and thighs. This stretches the skin leading to the appearance of these marks. The increase in levels of the hormone cortisol that happens during pregnancy is also another cause of the marks in women. This hormone acts to help soften the muscle ligaments in the pelvis in preparation for the child birth process. In the process, it softens the skin in other areas too, leading to stretch marks.


The body of a teenager is rapidly growing. When the growth is too rapid, the skin is overly stretched. It cannot keep pace and it stretches in accordance with the enlarged body parts. Therefore, girls get stretch marks on thighs and breasts while boys get them on shoulders and backside. These are the parts which experience this wild growth.

 Quick gain of weight

If you gain weight over a very short period of time, you will most likely get them. The increasing size of your body overly stretches the skin’s dermis causing these marks to appear. And they remain even after shedding weight because it’s difficult for the skin to go back to its original state.

 Inheriting it from your family

If there are cases of stretch marks in your family, then chances of you having them are very high.

 Some diseases may be the cause

Kushins syndrome and Martins syndrome can cause stretch marks. Kushins syndrome causes the production of cortisol, a hormone known for its cause of these marks. Martins syndrome weakens the skin and its connective tissue leaving the dermis susceptible to tear.

 Misuse of topical applications

Creams containing, for example, corticosteroid can reduce collagen in your your skin. This causes the marks to appear.

Natural Remedies for Stretch Marks

Because we have already established that removing stretch marks from the skin is not going to be achieved by a sudden force of will and regret, but rather with a deliberate procedure equipped against them firmly in place, you may as well start with effective stretch mark remedies available at your home already.

Things like a hefty dose of carrot juice are recommended as a first step towards solving your problem. If you don’t strictly like carrot juice (me neither), then a bowl of carrot salad for breakfast every morning has the same effect. Besides, mixing it with other helpful remedies like honey and peanuts is so tasty anyway. That you shouldn’t even need an excuse to jump on that recipe formula.

 Rubbing the affected parts with Aloe Vera leafs is one of the recommended natural methods to get rid of stretch marks. Aloe Vera contains cooling and healing components which help the skin to minimize the visibility of this marks. After rubbing the affected areas gently, take warm water to rinse it and repeat this for several days, and you will start seeing positive results.


 Lemon contains vitamin C that works to stimulate the production of collagen to restore the skin’s elasticity. Rubbing it on the area with the marks and on a daily basis will greatly help to clear it. It’s cut in half and rubbed directly on the skin.

 Taking home sugar is another remedy as sugar is well known for its exfoliate effects. This helps in eliminating dead skin as well as reducing the appearance of marks. This works well when you mix sugar, lemon juice and almond oil in a bowl and then apply in the affected areas leaving them to dry. This solution makes the collagen cells to start growing faster thus recovering worn out parts.

 Application of castor oil is another remedy. This oil reduces the rate stretch mark appearance as well as improving skin issues such as dark spots and fine lines. You need to apply this oil on the affected areas and then massaging it gently in rhythmical motion. Afterward, wrap the affected parts with a clean cloth and use warm water to rinse and repeat this for several days.

 Feeding on egg white is very essential when you need to eradicate stretch marks. Egg whites contain proteins and amino acids which are required in normal skin healing mechanism. This helps the collagen to start growing faster thus eliminating the dark spots on your skin.

Medical Options Treatments

Of course, there are things to improve the nature of your stretch marks besides eating healthy food. The key here, in the broad sense, is to simply stop acting as you did before. Stop sitting around, start exercising. Depending on the size and state of your person, you don’t actually have to start pushing oversized equipment to get into shape at your local gym. Because stretch marks are nothing pretty to look at, as mentioned, you are perfectly within your right to stay at home, or wear fully covering robes for the time being.

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Practising yoga is beneficial for both elderly people and pregnant mothers, as yoga is an exercise that can be done at your own pace. It has so many styles to it, that you can avoid applying unwanted pressure to the abdomen, but still making that abdomen stronger. For example, going up and down pushing by your legs and stretching your back regularly has been proven to reduce stretch marks, as a consequence of increasing your muscular volume.

Another method that medical doctors would almost always suggest to their patients for removing stretch marks is some intense form or other of massages. You can visit either your physician, or your skin doctor to have a chance at hearing such a recommendation, and it is a sound advice for sure. But massages (and professional yoga classes for that matter) can cost you some extra money. So the best kind of advice to be given here would be – either leave it, or go all in to remove the stretch marks on your skin, and to relieve the pressure that your skin is under because of them.

Other treatments options are available:

 Creams and lotions

They are topically applied to nourish the skin and make the visibility of these marks less. They also moisturise and smoothen the skin to improve its aesthetic look.


Its applied to conceal or hide the marks for sometime. However after you wash it off, they will reappear. This kind of treatment is only temporally and is usually used when one needs a quick fix for the moment.

 Use of Laser

Laser light is used to shrink blood vessels underneath each stretch mark. The vessels are then not visible which in turn causes the marks not easy to notice.


It involves removing the fat from underneath the skin that’s having the stretch marks. Once the fat is no more, the skin is then returned to its normal state. Surgery can clear these marks effectively but is expensive and lead to scarring.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks?

Because they are generally caused by increase in body size, prevention would be by watching your weight. Never let it jump up rapidly. In inevitable situations like pregnancy you can avoid overeating so that the increase in weight is gradual. Tackling weight issues before your skin gets stretched will help to prevent stretch marks.

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