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What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a surgical or non-surgical procedure meant to remove excess fats or skin normally after some significant weight loss. The resulting skin may fail to fit the new shape of the body and hence the necessity of contouring and sometimes after childbirth or due to other reasons the tummy muscles may sag, other parts of the body too may have excess fats and as such a body contouring would be necessary. This article seeks to highlight the types of options available for body contouring and the procedural steps to achieve the contouring.

Available Options For Body Contouring

Surgical methods are the most common, but the non-surgical is also a good choice because it comes with a few risks of infection. Several options that are available for body contouring. They include;

Face Contouring

The face is the most noticeable part of your body, and therefore any defect on it rarely passes unnoticed. Many things could happen to your facial skin and neck such as aging signs, excess fat under the jaw, sagging eyebrows, sagging facial skin, jowls, and many others. A face lift which covers the face and neck, can correct the defects and rejuvenate your skin. Face contouring is usually a surgical procedure.

Upper body contouring

The upper body covers your breasts and the arms. Sagging skin and excess fat on the arms could be a problem for you. To correct the problem, you can do an arm lift. An arm lift is a surgical procedure performed on the underside part of the arm to remove the excess on your upper arms after which the skin is tightened, toned and made firm. Also big or sagging breasts are given a breast lift. The sagging breasts are lifted to appear shapely and tight, and the big breasts can be reduced in size in this procedure.

Midsection contouring

This section is the area around your waist and stomach. Excess fats tend to accumulate around the waist and stomach. Even with exercises, it is always hard to achieve a flat tummy. A tummy tuck also known as liposuction is the best way to get a flat and firm tummy. The same could be applied to the fats around your waist to get rid of them.

Lower body contouring

Excessive fat on the thighs and buttocks should not be a problem to you anymore. Liposuction can be done to remove the fats and get more smooth and toned thighs and buttocks. If you want to have shapely and firm buttocks, you may as well consider a buttock lift.

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Procedural Steps For Body Contouring

These are surgical procedures and therefore should be done by a qualified plastic surgeon for safety purposes or if you want to get the best results. They include arm lift, breast lift, body lift and thigh lift. There are two steps involved in the surgical process;

Administration of anaesthesia

The doctor gives you medication to help you sleep and ease pain during the operation. It may be intravenous or general anaesthesia and this step is vital before any surgical operation.


Body contouring operation requires an incision to remove the excess skin and fat. Sometimes the incision is to be done on a large part of your body depending on the type of contouring and the results expected. Here are some of the contouring and the way they are achieved.

  • Arm lift

An incision that cuts along the inside of your underarm or the back is made to remove the excess fat and sagging skin. The result leaves a well-toned and smooth contours on the upper arm which are clearly visible. The scar is hidden on the underside.

  • Breast lift

The incisions are done in several ways. In a circular way from the areola inwards towards the crease. A single line from areola to the crease or a horizontal line on the crease of the breast. The excess fats are removed. The result is firmer and shapely breasts.

  • Body lift

Removes excess fat and skin on the buttocks, waist, tummy and outer thighs. Many options for incision patterns depending on the area of contouring.

  • Thigh lift

This procedure shapes the thighs. An incision is made on the thigh, usually the inner side all the way to the knee where excess fats and sagging skins are then removed.

Sometimes it is hard to find time to exercise especially if your work long hours or due to other reasons. Due to unavoidable circumstances, you may find yourself with sagging skin or excess fats in certain parts of your body. It may be annoying, but the good news is you can do a body contouring and get back that shape you so much desire. Body contouring may be surgical or non-surgical like laser therapy or ultrasound and so depending on your choice, you can rejuvenate your skin and restore that youthful shape.

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