What Conditions Does Baby Aspirin Treat?

What Conditions Does Baby Aspirin Treat? Aspirin is available as over the counter drug and it is the first drug that comes into our mind if we were suffering from headache or body pains. Aspirin is generally available in 100mg and 200mg formulation and a relatively small dosage of 81mg or less is known as “Baby Aspirin”. Aspirin is recommended by doctors as an effective analgesic and they usually recommend long term usage of Aspirin to those who had a history of heat strokes and some type of cardiovascular problems.

 Baby Aspirin

 Baby Aspirin is popularly known as Low Dosage Aspirin (LDA) in the medical circles. More than 40 million Americans daily intake Aspirin which proves its popularity and effectiveness. It is the most effective drug to treat headache, mild fever and body pains.

 Baby aspirin Benefits

Doctors usually recommend Baby Aspirin to patients who are suffering from high risk of blood clots. Baby aspirin is ideal for long term use and doctors also recommend this medicine to those who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases as a preventive measure. Those who are suffering from body pains except muscle cramps can get relief by using Aspirin. Doctors recommend use of Baby Aspirin after surgeries as it thins blood and improves circulation.

Those who are suffering from toothaches and common cold found relief after using this miracle drug. This drug is comparatively cheap and it is commonly used as pain relief medication all over the world. Those who are suffering from severe arthritis can also get immediate relief with this drug.

  Baby aspirin Side Effects

One must note that Baby Aspirin doesn’t mean that it is suitable for children. Aspirin should be given to children under 12 years under the supervision of medical expert only. The cases of poisoning in children because of over dosage of Aspirin are increasing all over the world. Aspirin should be kept out of reach of children and should be stored in cool and dry place.

Side effects were observed in some patients who regularly intake Baby Aspirin. Stomach upset and gastrointestinal problems were reported by some patients. If you had experienced bleeding, ringing ears, burning sensation in stomach, yellowish urine etc. stop using the medicine and consult the doctor immediately. Don’t combine aspirin with any other medicine as this may result in fatal consequences. If you observe any undesired effects like vision changes, nagging speech etc. after self-treatment, consult the doctor immediately.


Those who are allergic to salicylates should not prefer Aspirin. If you are suffering from skin allergies or rashes or scratching problems, it is better not to take Baby Aspirin. If you are suffering from kidney or liver related problems, Aspirin may worsen your health condition and it should be used in the presence of expert doctor only.

If you are a chronic smoker and drinker, daily intake of Aspirin may result in severe side effects. If you had recently received a vaccine, tell your doctor about it before taking Aspirin. Those who are suffering from chickenpox, flu and other illness should not use Baby Aspirin to get temporary relief. Pregnant woman and breastfeeding mothers should not use this drug.

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