Weight Watchers: Be the Best You

Weight Watchers is a name you probably see everywhere: in the grocery store, magazines, online ads, etc. To clear any misconceptions, Weight Watchers is not a fad diet, but is a scientifically proven meal plan to help manage calories, meals, and physical weight. People and more importantly, physicians trust it. It is based on a high protein and fiber diet that has dozens upon dozens of physical and mental health benefits. 

 Moderate Level of Effort

On average, a person using Weight Watchers loses anywhere of about 3-5 pounds a week. Physical activity is encouraged by the plan, but it is not forced on the members. There are two ways you can participate: First, you can enroll and attend in person meetings led by a trained professional. The other method is found online — this is especially helpful if you have a busy schedule and can’t fit in the necessary meetings. People around the world have proved both methods to work and they love the program. By choosing the online option, you can also find plans that specifically target men, diabetics, and seniors; taking into account their special dietary needs.

 No Food is Off Limits

Weight Watchers is not just about weight loss, it is about a whole new you. It focuses on lifestyle changes that will make you healthier and ultimately, happier. The best part is that no food is off limits, as they set requirements and provide meal information to help you balance calories. It is a proven weight loss method and has been around for many years. Participants tend to stay on the plan even after reaching their targeted weight because it helps maintain healthy eating and living overall. It is also a plan that your entire family can reap the benefits of.

 How To Get Started

Here is the procedure that you will go through in order to have it successfully:

 Weight watchers login

First, get in and subscribe. Subscribing to the Weight Watchers program takes only a few minutes of your time. Once you are logged in, it will ask you to select the program you wish to follow. The Weight Watchers website is very user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to use. If you don’t feel tech savvy, odds are you can figure this one out. All the steps are laid out for you upon enrollment.

There are assessment tools available to help you get started. If you wish to find a meeting near you, there is a locator option (explained a bit more below) for you to utilize. You can narrow options of available meetings by the select day and time you wish to attend. Once you find the meetings that are right for you and fit your schedule, then you will purchase a monthly pass. A few days after doing so, you can expect a meeting card in the mail. Now you’re ready to get started.

If you select the online option, an email will be sent detailing full instructions on how you can get started. This method will help you to immediately begin changing your eating habits. 

 Weight Watchers Tools

Weight Watchers provides all the tools needed to track your progress. There are e-Tools that are available to those who attend meetings. It helps assist with the weight loss journey that members embark on. Motivational videos are also available for each member to watch. If you use a Fitbit or similar device, Weight Watchers incorporates that into your tailored designed plan. The Weight Watcher app is designed for anyone and everyone to use, especially those subscribing to the online-only program. This app provides users with a weight loss tracker, videos, a recipe builder, a restaurant finder, a point calculator and much more. Using mobile apps on your cellphones can make participation easier in today’s hectic and busy world.

If you find yourself having a difficult time logging into the Weight Watchers meetings, there is an assessment tool available that is provided on the Weight Watchers Meetings’ webpage. That page will give you answers to some frequently asked questions and give you the opportunity to find your ideal weight according to your body type, body mass index, and how Weight Watchers can ultimately help you reach those goals.

It is important to know that Weight Watcher meetings are not held in every state as of now. If you happen to be a resident in a major US city, then odds are you can find the nearest Weight Watchers meeting venues around your area. The tool also allows you to check meeting places by entering your zip code into the space provided.

 Weight Watchers Experts

No matter the time of day, “Expert Chat” is there when you need it. An expert is available online 24/7 to answer any of your questions. It’s convenient to have access to expert advice anytime you need it. As part of the community function of the program, members are also available to participate in giving advice regarding things they have learned while participating in the program to other members. It’s nice to know that you aren’t alone even if you choose the online program, as the online component provides you with the group atmosphere without having to attend monthly meetings. You will also find tips and inspiration as well as success stories online.

Point system

Recently, Weight Watchers has made changes in the designated point system used. Many of the long time users of Weight Watchers can ask experts questions relating to the any of the new changes if they feel overwhelmed or lost in W.W’s processes. There is no question that if they aren’t using the new system correctly, an expert can tell them how to adjust. A new member of Weight Watchers is generally going to have more questions than longtime members, especially if the online-only option is selected.

Just an extra piece of advice, while using the points system, try to ensure that your daily and weekly point values are calculated and updated correctly by discussing them with a team member. If you need to know how to plan your daily meals — even after reading through information provided on the website — the very handy and readily available Expert Chat will always step in and help.

 Weight Watchers Recipes

There are literally thousands of recipes and meal ideas online provided by the Weight Watchers program. You don’t have to be the next top chef to prepare these simple recipes. They are designed for you, regardless of your skill level in the kitchen. In addition to the recipes provided with the program, members share their recipe and meal plans that they have learned along their journey in Weight Watchers. You are never without ideas when it comes to eating while on the Weight Watchers program. Don’t forget that the mobile app allows you to build a recipe as well. If you need to eat out for whatever reason, the restaurant finder will help make sure you find places nearby that have the kind of choices you are looking for. The recipes are very family-friendly, too because we all know that sharing meals with the people you love is quite important.

Provided Recipes

A wonderful part about the provided recipes is that there are recipes for every taste bud, budget and skill level. Are you a working mom that can’t keep up with the limited hours in the day and need to use slow cooker meals? They have them. Do you love food with an Asian flair? There are hundreds of recipes to choose from. There is simply no limit to what is available on the Weight Watchers Plan.

If you’re in a real hurry, you can buy premade meals in your grocery store. Each prepared meal has a point value assigned to it, making it easy to fit into your daily meal plan. This is possibly the easiest diet and meal plan out there today.

 Weight Watchers SmartPoints

SmartPoints began in 2016, which replaced the old Points Plus system. The new system takes into consideration new healthy eating guidelines.

SmartPoints is designed to give you weight loss results while changing your eating habits. Every food is assigned a SmartPoints value. The number is based on 4 measures: calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein. The program takes you away from food with high sugar and saturated fat content. The best part is you still enjoy the foods you love. You have flexibility in what you eat while still losing weight. Can’t beat that! Once you have joined the points system, you are assigned what is compared to as a food budget. This budget is based on height, weight, gender and age. You can spend your points on any food items you wish. It’s similar to a regular budget and if you stick to it, you will see results in weight loss, health improvement, and perhaps even money savings. It’s a wonderful system to use.


With SmartPoints, you are allowed a minimum of 30 points per day as the assessment you complete upon joining details what the correct amount should be for you. All fruits and vegetables are assigned zero points in the SmartPoints system. That means you can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you’d like throughout the day.

Let us look at some food values under the SmartPoints System.

 3 oz skinless boneless chicken breast cooked – 2 points

 8oz latte with whole milk – 5 points

 3 oz turkey breast – 1 point

 1 TB Peanut Butter – 3 Points

 6 oz Potatoes – 5 points

 5 oz white wine – 4 points

 Glazed Donut – 10points

 Egg – 2 points

Unless you plan to eat three donuts in one day, you can see it is possible to eat quite a bit of food according to the SmartPoints system. It is most likely that you can eat three meals and two snacks a day and still never reach your point threshold. This can be the case, especially if you use fruits and veggies with their free zero-point value. It is especially helpful if you want to splurge a little at the end of the day and still have points left to use. It can be applied at the end of the week as well. This idea is not giving up the foods you love. It’s about choosing the best foods for you and your body.


As with any diet or health plan, it requires a great amount of will power and motivation to stick with the plan and to see the desired results. You certainly can’t use the point system for two-weeks and then go back to your old eating patterns and expect change or improvement. Consistency is the key to optimum results with Weight Watchers. You can’t use the system one day and not the next and expect to see the number on the scale decrease. Many people have found success with the Weight Watchers program, but of those who succeed, they do follow the program to the tee and remain faithful to the practices. Many of them have not only lost weight, but become healthier individuals altogether. If you are considering a weight loss plan, this is the one that you should use over any other plan available today.

Weight Watchers is not just about weight loss, it is also about a healthier lifestyle. It will give you confidence; energy, and you’ll be healthier and happier from sticking to a well-balanced diet. It is easy to get started and you can sign up online today.


If you want to improve your life and get on a healthy diet, jump onto Weight Watchers and sign up. You have two options to choose from, you can either attend meetings or use the available and easily accessible online program. Utilize eTools and mobile apps to make it easier to track your progress no matter how busy you are. Find thousands of recipes and meals at the touch of a button. Get expert advice 24/7 via the Expert Chat feature. Join the online community and get membership tips and ideas as you take this journey of self-improvement. Eat the foods you want while losing weight.

It is a proven program trusted by members and physicians everywhere. Weight Watchers is your way to a new you, so do not waste time or money on things that don’t work or that cause harm to you body. Join Weight Watchers and see your investment change every aspect of you.

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