Ways To Raise The Chances Of Having A Boy

Ways To Raise The Chances Of Having A Boy. The gender of babies is determined by the X chromosome and the Y chromosome. A chromosome is a nucleic acid carrying genetic information. The X chromosome has female traits while the Y chromosome has male characteristics. You have been conceiving for years hoping for a boy child, and ultrasound reveals that you are carrying a baby girl in your womb. Scientists have studied the traits of these chromosomes and have helped many couples conceive a baby boy through their research. This article will reveal natural remedies and medical treatments that will increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy.

 Raise The Chances Of Having A Boy

Naturally, the ovule has the X chromosome. The sperm can either be male(Y) or female(X). If the sperm contains the X chromosome, the conception results will be a baby girl. That is why the girl gene is XX. If the sperm has Y chromosome, conception results will be a boy that is why the boy gene is XY. The survival of the sperm in the vagina depends majorly on the PH levels of the vagina. A low PH is unfavorable for the sperm containing the Y chromosome which means that it may die before fertilizing the ovule. Higher PH levels, on the other hand, increases the chances of survival for the sperm with the Y chromosome. The X chromosome can survive in an acidic condition.

Natural Remedies of Conceiving a Boy

The discussion above mentions that PH levels determine the survival rate of the Y chromosome in the sperm. A mother who is trying to conceive a boy is advised to eat foods that will increase the alkalinity in the vagina. The natural PH level of the vagina is 3.8 to 4.5. This acidity is to fight the harmful bacteria. This means that if the number of good bacteria is high, then the PH levels will be lower. Adjusting this PH level to higher levels increases the chances of Y chromosome survival in the sperm. Before days to your ovulation, eat more lemons, vegetables, avocados, cucumber, and drink lots of water and green tea. These foods will alkalinize your body.

Alkalizing your body will work perfectly with an ovulation calendar. Understand your menstrual cycle first. Watch out for ovulation symptoms to know the exact date of your ovulation. Engage in sexual intercourse a day before ovulation or on ovulation day. This environment will be conducive for the survival of the Y chromosome in the sperm, hence higher chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Another form of naturally alkalizing your body is through breastfeeding. Breastfeeding lowers estrogen hormone levels. This, in turn, reduces the growth rate of the good bacteria known as lactobacilli, therefore increasing alkaline levels in the vagina. A breastfeeding mother has a higher chance of conceiving a boy.

The other natural remedy for conceiving a boy is the sexual position. The X chromosome can make a longer trip than the Y chromosome. A sexual position that will encourage a deep penetration and a closer ejaculation to the cervix ensure that the Y chromosome can reach the ovule faster because of its lower survival rate and its high swimming speed.

Medical Options of Conceiving a Boy

Medicaments can be a great option when the natural methods of conceiving a boy fails. There are three methods involved in this procedure; PGD (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis), MicroSort and Ericsson Method.

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 Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

The ovules are collected from the mother through injecting the top part of the vagina to get to the ovaries. The egg cell is then fertilized by a sperm from the desired partner on a petri dish. The embryo is then tested for gender and any disorder after three days of incubation. If the embryo is male, it is fixed in the womb of the mother where it undergoes the normal gestation period.

 Ericsson Method

This method uses artificial insemination just like MicroSort approach. The difference is that the male chromosome is separated from the female chromosome through speed determination. Y chromosome swims faster than the X chromosome when put in a test tube containing a fluid. It is then transferred to the mother through artificial insemination.

 MicroSort Method

Sperm is obtained from the father. This method uses flow cytometry to separate the heavier female chromosomes from, the lighter male chromosome by gravity. Then through artificial insemination, the male chromosomes are transferred to the mother during ovulation.

The natural method has 75% success rate of conceiving a boy. On the other hand, the medical option has 100% of boy child conception. The only disadvantage is that the procedure is expensive. If you can afford it, there is no reason not to try it.

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