Water Consumption per Day

Water Consumption per Day! Are you thinking of how much water should you actually drink? Almost every day we read and hear about the intake of water in newspapers, magazines and on the internet. Some people might say that you should at least drink 3-5 liters of water daily without fail. Another piece of advice which you can get is that drinking water 30 minutes after the meal and avoiding yourself from touching the glass of water during the meal helps in the better functioning of your digestive system.

 Daily water consumption

  Now think:

 Are all these advises and suggestions are backed by any proof, evidence or logic?

 If you don’t follow instructions properly, will it be harmful?

 What Ancient Ayurveda says?

According to Ayurveda, you have to trust your thirst, its there for a reason. When you are thirsty, you have to drink water without thinking about the quantity of water. According to ancient science, thirst is what we call as a natural urge, which has to be attended only when it arrives in order to keep body’s natural rhythm in flow. It is written in Ayurveda that the amount of water (jal) intake should depend upon the following factors:

 Desha (place of living)

Quantity of water you should drink depends on where you are living. Suppose if you are living in a hot and humid place where your body sweats more and so it will crave for more amount of water. But if you drink same quantity of water in a place where it is cold, then it will make you urinate more, as your body don’t sweat because of pleasant climate.

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 Kala (climate or weather)

So, automatically in summer our body would be demanding more water compared to that in winter as we will be sweating more. It may also cause many diseases.

 Person’s Occupation or nature of work

If you are working in a closed room with AC on, then you will be drinking less water compared to the person who is working outdoor.

 Effect of drinking water excessively?

Drinking water more than our body needs is not at all good for health. It will hinder the digestion process and could lead to many problems like indigestion. This becomes the primary cause of many diseases.

The bottom Line:

There several health problems like kidney stones, acne and skin hydration, constipation, bladder and colorectal cancer. It can be cured with increased quantity of water intake.

The body is also like a machine, which will work efficiently if you are taking good care of it. In the same way water is like a fuel or lubricant to our body which should be given to it in a balanced amount. Almost 70%-80% of our body is made up of water. So if a proper quantity of water is taken based on one’s need, weather and place, then it will help in promoting good health.

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