Tips for Gaining Weight Fast and Healthily!

Tips for Gaining Weight Fast and Healthily! There are many reasons why you may want to acheive weight gain. What’s important, however, is that you do so in a healthy manner! Surely you would put on some pounds if you stuck to large amounts of cheap junk food, but that can do much worse things to your body than being underweight. So if you want to find out what kind of habit and diet to adapt to gain some weight, read on! 

Do NOT drink a glass of water before your meal

Of course, hydration is important. But a common weight loss tip is to drink water before you eat a meal. This is because water will fill your stomach up and give the illusion that you are full, making you eat less. We recommend you do the opposite. Stay hydrated, but try to drink a little less during the time period before you eat dinner. That way you are certain that your stomach is empty and ready to accept a large amount of food, which leads us to the next tip…

Plan larger meals

This one may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t follow it as they should. Give yourself bigger portions of food than you normally would. An important thing to take away from this is to truly plan larger meals. You may be used to cooking smaller portions, so when you are grocery shopping or preparing ingredients for a nice dinner, be sure to go bigger than usual.

Eat more frequently

Again, this may seem like something you already know, but it is important to stick to it properly. If you’re trying to gain weight, make sure you are eating more meals, or even snacks, throughout the day. If you’re going out to work or class, make sure to bring protein bars or even a nutrient-dense shake to always keep you filled up.


It is extremely important to consume a lot of protein while putting on weight. Our muscles are made of protein; if you don’t eat enough of it, all of the extra weight gain is going to be fat, and that will just cause a different health problem to deal with. Choosing protein-rich foods will allow your weight gain surely be a health gain as well!

Lift properly

Visiting the gym will be integral to your weight gain. Not only exercising, but exercising properly for your goal. In this case, you’re going to have to focus on the types of workouts which add as much muscle mass as possible. To do this, use heavy weights that weigh around 80% of your maximum single-rep weight, and do 3-4 sets. Make sure to rest for a couple of minutes between sets. Go to the gym and do this quick workout 2-4 times a week and you’ll have great, healthy weight gain in no time.


When you feel stress, your body releases a certain hormone named cortisol. This hormone has been shown to stimulate muscle breakdown. Muscle is much more dense than fat, and much of your weight gained will be in the form of muscle. So clearly, you don’t want your new muscle mass to be breaking down because of your stress. Spend more time relaxing than usual. Specifically…


Sleep is very important to weight gain. First, as mentioned above, the cortisol will undermine your weight gain habits-and lack of sleep is something that releases this stress hormone. Additionally, your body forms and fortifies the muscle you’ve been working on while you’re asleep. So if you keep caught up on sleep, not only will you remove a factor that slows your weight gain, you’ll also speed your weight gain up!

Break some of the dieting rules

While you’re in the process of weight gain, it is important to eat healthy. However, you can be a little more lenient than most other people. If you want to, go out for dinner! Restaurants often have more calorie-dense food compared to home-cooked meals. So long as you aren’t eating loads of sugar and artificial things such as that, the extra calories from restaurants will only assist your weight gain journey.

Take creatine

While there are many effective supplements and the like to assist in weight gain, the most tested and certain one is creatine. It is proven to be very safe and healthy. Creatine will help put on weight much quicker, and has been shown to benefit the body in many other ways as well. If you want one simple thing to add to your lifestyle to speed up your weight gain, what you’re looking for is creatine.

Be persistent!

Finally, and likely the most important rule, is to be persistent. It may take more time than you’d like for your full weight gain to occur, but if you stick with it you will achieve it. Remember, if you give up, you definitely won’t experience your weight gain. But, if you set some guidelines to live by with this goal in mind, given enough time, you will reach that healthy weight you are aiming for!

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