The Power of Coconut Oil: Cancer Treatment

The Power of Coconut Oil: Cancer Treatment, People are increasingly getting cancer every year. It can affect any part of our bodies hence making it hard for the organs to work properly. It is treatable to some but hard for others and that is why people living with them need total physical and emotional support. Whether it is of the breasts, lungs, blood, colon, to name a few, cancer grows depending on its type. Colon cancer is also one of the diseases which affects and kills both men and women. There are various natural treatment for the disease which are still under research before being presented by the pharmaceutical industries. However, a new discovery found out that coconut oil is able to kill 93% of colon cancer cells in a very short time!

Coconut oil and cancer treatment

A study done in one of the best universities, University of Adelaide in Australia, discovered that coconut oil has lauric acid, a component which can cut a large percentage of colon cancer cells. According to the experiment, the acid was able to kill cancer cells in vitro and vivo.


In the mid 60s, most manufacturers discouraged people from using coconut or olive oil as they termed them as unhealthy fats. This led to many consumers using margarine and other products which were actually high in cholesterol. Due to the increasing rates of heart diseases and cancer, scientists later found out that the saturated fat in the oil was healthy and very beneficial. The oil has medium-chain fatty acids (MFAs) which are easier to digest than the long-chain fatty acids found in vegetable oils.

It is very expensive to conduct the trials of the uses of lauric acid and that is why many researchers who did not have enough funds and support had to stop. Pharmaceutical companies are the ones which fund the researchers and since they only test drugs on humans and animals, natural cures are put aside. This therefore makes more people lose their lives before the discovery and approval of real drugs for cancer treatments.

Coconut oil and cancer

Lauric acid which is capable of killing colon cancer and increase the immune system is also found in breast milk. The acid can also end viruses, bacteria or other parasites and that is why people are highly encouraged to include coconut oil in their meals. Cancer is mostly treated through chemo, radiation, drugs or surgery. Not only are these methods expensive, they also have serious side effects and that is why natural treatments are better. Cancer patients can also take the oil because it can cut the side effects caused by chemotherapy.


There are many healing benefits of coconut oil and even plants but researchers cannot release them due to lack of support from the pharmaceutical companies. American Society for Nutrition also found out that the fats available in coconut oil may treat diabetes, herpes or heart diseases. A very small percentage of cancer healing plants are used in the drugs available in hospitals and other health institutions. Wormwood as an example is a plant which can kill cancer cells within days. Pancreatic cancer can also be cured by bitter melon and the list goes on.

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