The Health Side Effects of Pokemon GO Game You Didn’t Know About

The Health Side Effects of Pokemon GO Game You Didn’t Know About. Pokemon Go game is an emerging smartphone application that is gaining popularity among people belonging to various age groups. The game takes an individual within the augmented reality setup that demands the participants roam around and search for the hidden Pokemon.

 Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that demands players to locate virtual Pokemon characters in the real world, these characters pop up on the game screen once they are located. Since the game requires players to wander from place to place in search of Pokemon characters, unexpected health side effects have emerged. However, most of these side effects are mixed as some have been reported to be largely positive and others, are not so encouraging. In some reported cases, Pokemon Go players have sustained significant injuries after long periods of chasing Pokemon characters.

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Positive Health Side Effects of Pokemon GO

The uncommon connection between the Pokemon Go game and the real world has in a unique way had the most tremendous effect on players. Recently, a dedicated Pokemon Go player twitted how the game has helped kick start his exercise routine. He said specifically in terms ” Oh, No wonder I’m so sore. My health app suggests that between yesterday and today I’ve walked a total of 35000 steps. Thanks #Pokemon Go.

A man who weighed “500 Ibs” before downloading the game and also struggled with being motivated to engage in long-distance walking, downloaded the game, connected to the internet, and discovered he had covered a 10-kilometer distance, all thanks to the Pokemon game.

The Positive side effects of the game are not only physical but it has also been reported to have a unique mental effect on people.

“Pokemon Go has changed me, today was the first day I got ready to leave the house with a prolonged protest.” A Pokemon Go player said.
”Pokemon Go is set to do wonders for my mental health, as I now have purpose and reason to leave the house.” Another player said.

This development shows largely that Pokemon Go has changed the face of video games, from being the kind that keeps people locked up in their rooms surrounded by empty pizza boxes to one which actually makes people connect to the real world.

 Negative Side Effects of Pokemon GO

This game is criticized by the people to great extent this is because of the reason that the people are getting themselves injured while searching for the hidden Pokemon at every possible location. Therefore, the health-related side effects of this game have been listed below.

Increase Screen Time Affects the Eyes: The present-day world requires a person to stay intact with the technologies such as laptops, Ipads, kindle, etc. Therefore, increased exposure to smartphones directly affects the overall eyesight of an individual in an adverse manner and affects the health of a person.

Skin Infections: Another side effect of Pokemon Go refers to the skin infections and sunburns caused due to increased exposure to the sun. This side effect is stimulated because of the fact that this game demands the players to visit open locations in order to catch the hidden Pokemon. In addition to this, the suffering from heatstroke is also noted among the players of this trending game.

Risking the lives: Pokemon Go refers to an addictive game that makes a person search for the hidden Pikachu being negligent to the surroundings and at times consequences in risking the life. This negligence has been seen in Bosnia, where this game led the player to enter the prohibited area of old landmines. Therefore, the aspect of negligence possesses the propensity to get the life of an individual into serious danger. In addition to this, because of negligence, many players of the Pokemon Go game met severe accidents.

Robberies: One of the major side effects of the Pokemon Go game is that at times people while wandering for the hidden Pikachu get robbed and lost their valuable goods. In order to cope with this situation, the warnings on social media have been stimulated by the regulating bodies.

The feeling of being Left out: The stimulation of the feeling of being left out refers to one of the side effects of playing a Pokemon Go game. The people prefer wandering here and there in search of Pokemon rather than socializing or interacting with the people. In this manner, because of this game, the social and emotional lives of the participants are left disturbed which resulted in making the loved ones feel alone and left out.


It has been comprehended that Pokemon Go is a game with immense qualities that but on the other hand affects the dynamics of the daily lives of the players and the people associated with them. So! While playing Pokemon Go, the players are suggested to be alert and consider the safety of themselves and others. The players not only negatively affect themselves but also the people associated with them.

Pokemon Go is available for download on the ios and android platforms and the creators urge players to be aware of their surroundings while playing the game. This is a major part of the terms of agreement most players agree to when installing the game.

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