Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period. The signs of every pregnancy can be manifested through various signs both before and after a woman loses her periods. Apparently, ovulation time is the most probable phase in a woman life to become pregnant, it is also known as the fertile phase in women’s life cycle. There are a wide range of signs which are experienced or presented once a woman is pregnant but before she loses her periods, these signs are clear indications that a woman is already pregnant. However, not all women experience the same signs. This article seeks to point out various and common signs of early pregnancy before missed period, they include;

 Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Implantation bleeding and cramping

Once a woman gets pregnant, she is most likely to experience menstrual cramps, slight bleeding, this bleeding experienced is as a result of implantation that is taking place which usually occur at the time when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus lining roughly a week or two after fertilization before a missed period is experienced. The bleeding comes a bit earlier and the blood is lighter in color than the usual menstrual blood. At this time, a woman at this situation would experience a bit of tummy cramping, this may be as a result of the ligaments which begins to expand as the uterus changes shape. Cramping lasts for few days which then disappears after implantation.

Food aversions

This is also an indicating sign of pregnancy in early stages, it happens that a pregnant woman at this stage may abruptly lose her appetite of her favorite dishes and their smells and taste may bring about a nauseous feelings. Many women experience food aversions during early stages of their pregnancies which eventually adjusts to normal feeding habits or even more in their subsequent stages of pregnancy, whereas some women will have this feeling throughout their pregnancy.

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During the early stages of pregnancy before missed period(s), there is a common feeling of dizziness accompanied by a slight headache, this is held to be caused by dilation of blood vessels which reduces blood pressure. This feeling gradually diminishes as the pregnancy transcends to other subsequent phases. Similarly, this feeling can also be induced by low levels of blood sugar.


A woman at this stage of pregnancy is most likely to experience unusual tiredness than usual and in some cases will demand to get more rest or even go to bed earlier than usual days. This is as a result of increased concentration of progesterone hormone during early pregnancy, this makes the women in this condition ever tired and sleepy. In this regard, certain changes can also be experienced for instance, increased blood production in order to enrich the growth and development of the fetus, this will then result to exhaustion of the women’s energy levels, most especially when they cannot get essential nutrients in their diets.


This is a typical sign of pregnancy usually noticed in early stages; its is experienced during the first few weeks of missed period(s). It is also characterized by morning sickness which may strike at any time of the day or night, it is also accompanied by feelings of weakness, dizziness and mood swings. This feeling results from swiftly increasing levels of estrogen and progesterone.


Increased progesterone may bring about constipation as digested meals tend to go through the intestines slower than is normal. The uterus is exceptionally close to the intestines and any changes in the uterus, as for this situation being pregnant, influences the guts too. Rising levels of hormones causes the muscles in your digestive tract to unwind, along these lines backing off the whole procedure including inside capacities. An ideal approach to managing constipation is to change your eating regimen by expanding the fiber in your sustenances (whole grains). Water allow and to incorporate new foods grown from the ground (and regularly dried leafy foods juices). You can likewise drink more water and keep up simple exercise to keep your body in good shape.

Visit trips to the loo

This is one of the most punctual signs of pregnancy. Really, hormonal changes are responsible for this. It is not the embryo putting pressure on the bladder, as most women have a tendency to accept. All things considered, the embryo is not even a crawl long amid the main week of pregnancy. The hormone responsible for this issue is known as HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Indeed, even the specialist will prompt a lab test for this hormone subsequent to listening to the symptoms.


A couple of women can see an early sign of pregnancy symptoms as discharge in the clothing. Changes in the vaginal discharge might be because of the expanded cervical emissions brought on by expanded levels of hormones in the body. Women may see an expanded cervical discharge when they are pregnant. Leukorrhea is a whitish shaded vaginal discharge that women frequently observe amid pregnancy. The larger amounts of estrogen delivered amid pregnancy cause the cervical glands to emit more cervical liquid. It might turn out to be more discernible as a woman gets further along in her pregnancy and is most common in the third trimester. However, a few women may see leukorrhea in early pregnancy.

Dry mouth

Nearly all women are vulnerable to dry mouth amid pregnancy unless they remain enough hydrated at all times. This can be difficult to do since the mix of regular urination, vomiting, and a quicker metabolism can prompt drying out effectively. Being dehydrated is a successive reason for dry mouth in all people. Drinking more liquids can tackle the issue. Dry mouth amid pregnancy is a genuinely common condition and it can be brought about by an assortment of reasons. Since the metabolism is quicker amid pregnancy, this can make water travel through the body speedier. Moreover, the body ingests more water since blood flow increments significantly in pregnant women. These things can both make drying out happen more rapidly than in women who are not pregnant.


It certainly, is not the most common sign of pregnancy. It’s additionally not particularly common as a sign of pregnancy amid the early stages of pregnancy. Just having a backache isn’t a solid approach of telling whether you’re pregnant. If that backache is joined by morning infection, breast tenderness and matches with a missed period, then it’s a great deal more probably a sign of pregnancy. Around half of pregnant women encounter backaches in the lower back amid pregnancy. This is caused by the changing hormones amid early pregnancy. Progesterone specifically is a hormone that can bring about issues with your back. This hormone causes the ligaments and plates in the back to soften.

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