Sexual Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

 What is Sexual Dysfunction? Sexual Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments, Sexual dysfunction is a condition where an individual (the male or the female) or couples experience difficulty or lack of satisfaction in the process of sexual intercourse or activity. Factors such as lack of interest and desire, pain during the process of intercourse for ladies and erectile dysfunction in men cause this dysfunction.

Causes Of Sexual Dysfunction

Engaging in excessive consumption of alcohol and drug use can cause the hormones that are necessary for sexual intercourse not to be produced or low production. Drugs include medication that one is under causes this dysfunction. Growing old makes one lack interest in sex. Women when they reach menopause they vagina tends to narrow and this causes pain during the process of sexual intercourse since little blood is pumped into the vagina.

Men experience low production of libido and testosterone hormones. Anxiety, feelings of depression, guilt and fear and other emotional disorders are huge contributors to sexual dysfunction. This causes the man to experience erectile dysfunction and in women this causes the vagina to experiences low lubrication which can cause a lot of pain. Injuries, especially back injuries, diseases and nerve disorders can cause one to lack interest in sexual activity. They cause low production of the hormones, reduced blood supply. Disease such as Diabetes, syphilis, brain tumors are just but a few diseases that may cause sexual dysfunction.

Male Sexual Dysfunction

Men sexual dysfunction revolves around premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. Premature ejaculation occurs when one ejaculates before he wants it to come. Erectile dysfunction occurs when the man is not able to get a firm erection or when he is not able to maintain it for a longer time during intercourse. Low sex drive occurs when there are low levels of the hormone testosterone which is in charge of increasing the production of sperms and how the man behaves during intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can heavily cause a man to have low esteem and affect his image. The pressure of having to perform causes anxiety and in turn causes low blood supply to the male organs.

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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Women dysfunction revolves around their lack of desire for sex, lack of orgasms and pain. With menopause comes the lack of desire for sex where the vagina is not able to lubricate before and during sex. Many women who have undergone childbirth, pregnancy, mood swings and female genital mutilation do not have interest in sex. A woman who has never experienced orgasms or is not able to reach orgasms can have low desire for sex.

Medications Of Sexual Dysfunction

For women there are creams that are available that one can apply to help in lubrication of the vagina. In case of low desire for intercourse, a medication known as Flibanserin can be administered. Also, androgen therapy and estrogen therapy are also useful.

In men, erectile dysfunction can be controlled by using drugs that are injected into the penis. Vacuum erection devices which help to maintain the firmness of the penis can be used. If all these fail then hope is not lost for the male victim since surgery can be done where implants are put inside the penis to help in continuous pumping blood to the penis to help sustain an erection needed.

Natural Ways To Treat Sexual Dysfunction

Natural remedies for sexual dysfunction include:

Zinc Intake

 Increase zinc mineral intake in your diet. Zinc enhances the formation of testosterone, a male hormone responsible for sex drive and achieving an erection. Therefore low zinc content in your food causes erectile dysfunction. Examples of zinc-containing food include Pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, sesame seeds, chickpeas, and garlic. Whatever you do, incorporate these foods into your diet because it is a natural remedy for ED.

 There are many herbs used to treat erectile dysfunction. Mucuna Pruriens is the most efficient amongst herbs such as valerian and passionflower. Mucuna Pruriens is a climbing shrub whose bean extract is used as an aphrodisiac. This herb increases dopamine levels in the body.

Hormonal changes

Dopamine is a hormone responsible for creating and motivating activities that bring pleasure in the human body. Dopamine in treating erectile dysfunction works by reducing levels of prolactin hormone. Prolactin hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the blood is higher in times of depression, frustration and stress. It is also known to decrease testosterone levels in the body. Physical and emotional stress is a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, a rise in dopamine levels during such periods decreases levels of prolactin hormone which in turn increases sex drive.

 As mentioned above, a psychological factor linked to erectile dysfunction is emotional stress. Therefore avoid anything and situations that may depress or frustrate you as they will affect your sex life negatively.


Sexual dysfunction is categorized as a lifestyle disease though there are underlying medical conditions linked to it. Changing your lifestyle might be what you need to improve your sex life and prevent erectile dysfunction. Physical exercises increases testosterone levels naturally. Therefore, create time regularly for strength-training workouts. Quit smoking and alcohol consumption as these habits, narrows arteries hence decreasing blood flow in the blood veins of the penis. Boosting exercises and quitting smoking and drinking habits will increase your blood flow in the body. In the end, you will achieve and maintain erection without much effort.

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