Opiates Addiction: How Improperly Detoxing Can Kill You?

Opiates Addiction: How Improperly Detoxing Can Kill You? Can you die from opiate addiction? This is a query that is commonly asked by people addicted to opiates as well as those close to them. This questioning comes at a time where cases of opiates addiction and usage continue to rise. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) more than 475, 000 individuals in America are taken to the emergency room due to opiates abuse that causes withdrawal symptoms. This represents a twofold rise in the last five years. The effects become more pronounced and worse over time and dealing with the issue also becomes challenging.

Can you die from opiate withdrawal?

Truth is opiate withdrawal symptoms are not only challenging to deal with but can also be fatal. Studies indicate that the symptoms will be experienced even if a person consumes the drugs for only a few days. The addictive compounds remain in the body systems for a long time and will affect the central nervous system (CNS). The drug will start taking over the functions of the body and a person will find it difficult to live without the drug. The withdrawal symptoms will be experienced within a short time period and attempting to steer clear of opiate may lead to shock or shift especially for those thinking of going “cold turkey”. “cold turkey, with no medication, is not recommended for those with medical conditions.”

Side effects of opiates

Fatigue, muscle aches, mood swings, irritability, sweats, diarrhoea, chills, and stomach cramps and get worse as a person stops using the drug. In serious cases, the user may suffer from lung or heart damage. The absence of the opiates forces the body to adapt to the new situation which may lead to shock. This is more likely to affect those who have been on the drugs for a longer time. And considering the withdrawal process takes place sequentially, it’s always a challenge for the user to fully recuperate. Although cases of death aren’t so common, truth is you can die from opiate withdrawal.


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