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Non Surgical Liposuction: Advantages and Cost

Non Surgical Liposuction: Advantages and Cost are discussed in supervision of medical expert. Areas of unwanted, exercise and diet-resistant fat are a common concern for the majority of cosmetic surgery patients. Localised fat can be pretty hard to completely eradicate. It’s whether in the form of areas of fat around your thighs that won’t budge, a persistent stomach “pooch” following delivery, or bulges along the the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and your back.

Understanding Non Surgical Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular and top-performed cosmetic procedures for several years, and with good reason. Non surgical liposuction, also known as non-invasive liposuction, as the name suggests is an effective substitute to the traditional surgical liposuction procedures.

In recent years, non surgical or minimally-invasive alternatives to liposuction are continuing to gain popularity. Nonsurgical fat reduction is a cosmetic procedure that targets those stubborn sites that hold onto the fatty deposits like the ”love handles” which greatly reduce the appearance of excess fat. This procedure uses specialized devices or equipment to remove fat from different parts on your body.  For example the abdomen, neck, backs of the arms, thighs and buttocks, and elsewhere. These are areas where it’s difficult to shift fatty deposits with exercise and diet. It’s typically designed to restyle the human body. Instead of directly lose weight and does so by helping create a controlled-injury to small volumes of fat.

Non-surgical fat removal techniques 

First developed in Europe in 2005, non-surgical fat removal techniques currently use 3 types of devices: laser energy, ultrasound, cold energy (cryolipolysis) or radiofrequency, to reduce fat. The most well understood non-surgical liposuction procedures currently incorporate mesotherapy, Lipodissolve TM, and Thermage. These new liposuction routines help in fat removal without the need of an invasive surgical procedure.

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Cost of Non Surgical Liposuction

The cost of non surgical liposuction or fat reduction varies from physician to physician and from one geographical area to another. And since these non invasive procedures can be performed in so many parts on your body, it’s quite hard to give a rough cost estimate as it’ll depend on the area treated. The average costs of the different options of non-invasive liposuction procedures will also vary. It depends on the reputation of the cosmetic surgeon and clinic. Average prices for non-invasively treating arm fat will be roughly $700 and can increase to around $2,500 for abdominal fat treatments.

These numbers only reflect the doctor/surgeon fees and don’t include fees for the treatment facility, medical tests, prescriptions, anaesthesia, compression garments or other miscellaneous expenses related to this treatment. And like any new treatment, the total cost of non surgical liposuction treatment may be higher than traditional liposuction. Since non surgical fat reduction is an elective treatment procedure, insurance doesn’t cover the costs. Most cosmetic surgeons offer patient financing plans in order to make the procedure a bit more affordable.


Non surgical liposuction don’t require an extended period of healing. It’ll usually require little, if any, recovery. Patients may resume full normal activity immediately, even though slight swelling and soreness are to be expected. Following the procedure, both you and your caregiver can receive detailed instructions regarding your post treatment care, including information about normal symptoms you’ll experience, skin care, and potential signs of complication. You’ll begin to notice fat reduction in the treated areas of your body within one to two months after the procedure.

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