Lose Belly Fat Naturally: Diet and Exercises

 Best Strategies to Lose Belly Fat

Lose Belly Fat Naturally: Diet and Exercises, A healthy body is a combination of both fitness and healthy eating. A belly fat is associated with being overweight and obese, however, in some cases it is a sign of being unhealthy while in others it is not related to being unhealthy. A fat belly is associated with a predisposition to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Belly fat is a result of eating diet that has too much fats and sugars compared to fiber content. Eating processed food also contributes substantially to growth of belly fat.

Tips on how to lose belly fat

The other major cause of belly fat is lack of sufficient exercise. Failing to exercise reduces the utilization of body sugars which result in accumulation of fats in the body and the belly in particular. The type of simple sugars that is turned into fat is fructose and that is found in processed and sugar sweetened food. These sugars are available as glucose and fructose in equal ratios but only glucose is metabolized and the excess fructose is converted to belly fat.

In order to lose belly fat, there are two main steps; observing a healthy diet and engaging exercises that increase the metabolic rates in the body.

 Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is based on quantity and quality consumed. Concerning quality, a person with a belly fat should reduce the ratio of fats in the diet progressively as they increase proteins and fiber content progressively. By increasing proteins in the diet, the amount of calories consumed decreases substantially. The ratio of calories in proteins compared to carbohydrates is less than 30% which makes it the easiest way to cut down on the amount of calories consumed in a diet in the long strategy. The second way is to reduce consumption of processed and sugary drinks like fruit juices and energy drinks. The fruit juices can be replaced with whole fruits since they are healthier than processed products.

The other strategy is to reduce the quantity of food consumed per day through carbohydrates restriction. This has the effect of reducing the appetite and thus reduce the amount of excess fat in the belly. Tracking once diet is also important in ensuring that a person knows how much of what component they are eating. This approach will enable a person to establish a balance in their diet without encountering belly fat problem. There are online applications that are useful in enabling users to monitor their diet continuously and know the effect of their diet in terms of weight loss per day.


 Physical Exercise

The second approach is through sustainable physical exercise. Good physical exercise should enable a person to reduce their belly fat in a progressive way as opposed to a drastic disappearance. The most effective exercise to start with is aerobics and that includes joking and walking consistently. The intensity of exercise can be increased as time progresses to firm up the belly muscles and eliminate the belly fat. Exercising complements the role of a monitored diet in losing the belly fat.

 The Bicycle exercise

This particular exercise is best for targeting 6-pack muscles. To perform this kind of exercise, lay flat on your back, place both hands behind your head. Bring your knees to your chest as you lift your head. Bring the right elbow towards the side of your left knee as you lift the particular right leg. Do the same on the left elbow as well as the left knee. Keep changing sides as you keep on pedaling. Perform 1 to 3 sets having 14 to 17 reps. Add to the speed as you do the physical exercise and make sure you complete the sets.

 Side Plank

This particular exercise is very challenging compared to the rest. Here you support your entire body weight on two points of contacts rather than 4. So you’ve to work harder to be stable. It is difficult to do this correctly but at the same time again; it is the easiest to do. Lay in your right or left side with the particular elbow under the shoulder and place your legs jointly. Put your hand on the left or right shoulder or even on your right hip based on the way you have positioned. Build your abs stronger and also lift the hips off the floor to the point where you are balancing on your fore harm and your body forms a straight line. Hold for 40 to 50 seconds. Turn sides as you repeat the entire procedure all over again.

 Perform some sit ups

Rest on your back, put hands behind the head plus stretch legs flat on the floor. Lift your upper body by sitting upright, lower it returning to the original positions. Perform five sets of 10 reps. This helps in exercising muscles within the stomach and for that reason burning up much more calories within the belly.

 Captain’s chair leg rise

This physical exercise will need you to use a captain’s chair. It is normally found in a well-furnished gym or exercising clubs. To do this exercise, hold on the arms of the chair and then leave your own legs hanging. Press on the pad and lift your knees to the level of the chest, return the actual knees to the initial position and lift them again to the chest level. Do a set of 3 to 4 having 14 to 16 repetitions.

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