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Link Between Tobacco and Hypertension

Link Between Tobacco and Hypertension: the use of tobacco has caused a high mortality rate all over the world. The fact is that cigarette smokers show a high rate of cardiovascular problems. The link between tobacco and hypertension is overwhelming when you see how many deaths have occurred because of the problems that the heart suffers due to smoking.

 The Problems The Heart Faces from Tobacco

The tobacco induces a rise in blood pressure, increased heart rate, and myocardial contractility. It is said that about 1.3 billion cigarette smokers are subject to the rise of hypertension. This will inevitability be the cause of heart attacks. Arterial stiffness occurs when a person is an avid cigarette smoker. Over time a person will suffer from hypertension. The hypertension along with the increased or continuous tobacco smoking can cause heart attacks. Asymptomatic people find that the left ventricular function decreases making the situation worse.

 Tobacco Hypertension and The Habitual Smoker

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of heart attacks and cancer. A problem that physicians have tried to combat but to date the only solution is not to smoke or stop smoking if you are a smoker. The fact is that those who smoke 15 cigarettes or more a day find hypertension plagues them. The feeling of hypertension only increases the smokers desire to have another cigarette. The blood pressure then rises leading to heart attacks or strokes. The link between tobacco and hypertension has been proved to be a leading factor in death by cigarette.

It seems that those who use tobacco suffer from hypertension know the risks involved but are addicted to the tobacco. The hypertension is just one of the factors that keep a hold on the habitual smoker. It is very hard to see the damage being done to the heart. Often it takes years before that damage shows up in the body. While hypertension is a feeling that is instant and causes the smoker to want more tobacco in order to get relief. The habitual smoker may think that they are doomed because of the craving of the tobacco but this is not true.

 Tobacco Link to Hypertension Proven Fact

Tobacco causes the blood pressure to rise with each cigarette. After about half an hour take your blood pressure and you are able to see the difference in your blood pressure. The average person attitude and demeanor also changes. The first cigarette of the day shows the effects of the smoker even those who are habitual smokers. There have been tests to sow that the systolic pressure will elevate as much as 20 mmHg.

Those who drink coffee also feel a primary rise in hypertension. The use of tobacco and coffee is a primary cause in the rise of blood pressure. Over a continued period of time the effects cause major damage to the heart. The link between tobacco and hypertension are conclusive and proven fact for high blood pressure resulting in heart damage. The link that was proven by scientist examined people around the world of all different cultures and backgrounds. This helped to define the exact results of tobacco and hypertension.


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