Link Between Colon Cleansing And Weight Loss

Link Between Colon Cleansing And Weight Loss. Colon cleansing refers to a medical procedure that is employed to get rid of toxins from the gastrointestinal system. The process is also known as colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation. Some types of colonic irrigation employ the use of water, and sometimes the water might be mixed with certain herbs or liquids. The routes of administration may include the rectal route, or it may be administered orally. Oral cleaning agents that can be used in the process include herbs, dietary fibers, and other supplements. Two major types of colon cleansing methods include the employment of colonic irrigation by a healthcare provider, or the use of products bought from health food stores and pharmacies.

Colon Cleansing With Colonic Irrigation

Colon irrigations are performed by colonic hygienists or colonic hydrotherapists. The patient lies on a flat table, and a low-pressure pump is used to flush several amounts of water via a small tube that is inserted into the patient’s rectum. A gravity based reservoir can also be used in place of the low-pressure pump. When the water has reached the colon, the medical practitioner will massage the patient’s abdomen. The patient will then release the water from the body through regular bowel movements. The session may last for an hour if the therapist decides to repeat the process. The health practitioner may mix the water used with other products such as herbs, coffee, and probiotics. Probiotics supplements are rich in bacteria that is friendly to the body.

How Does Colon Cleansing Assist in Weight Loss?

Colon cleansing results in the removal of toxins and other unhealthy substances that are accumulated in gut. An unhealthy diet may lead to accumulation of wastes on the stomach wall which cannot be removed through the regular bowel movements. Medical experts have reported that the removal of these accumulated wastes in the colon has led to the loss of ten to twenty pounds in the persons involved.

Studies also indicate the use of digestion-enhancing herbs and other supplements in the cleansing process provide an effective weight loss regimen. Other cleansing programs may recommend fasting for up to nine days. The recommended foods to be consumed during the fasting period include fruits and vegetables along with other recommended supplements such as probiotics. The liquid fast leads to a major reduction in caloric intake, especially when accompanied by regular exercises. Medical practitioners specialized in colonic cleansing have reported an increase in vitality and the general well-being of the persons involved.

Health Benefits of Colon Cleansing

Kick-starts the journey of weight-loss: colon cleansing has a potential to assist in weight loss. The colon cleansing process aids in the removal of unwanted substances from the gut; hence enhancing the process of metabolism. The procedure also refocuses the patient’s attention to more healthy food choices.

Colon cleansing improves the body’s general well-being. The process leads to the removal of layers of colon buildup giving the patient a feeling lightness and increased energy.

The process enhances the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients in the gut. A cleansed colon permits the absorption of only useful substances such as water, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. The procedure provides an unobstructed path for the uptake of the vital nutrients in the body.

Increased body energy: colonic irrigation enhances the body’s biological processes such as metabolism. Through the metabolism process, fats are broken down to provide energy to the body cells, hence getting rid of excess body fats.

The cleansing process prevents constipation: constipation may cause irregular bowel movements leading to the accumulation of harmful substances in the colon. Colon cleansing restores normal bowel movements hence facilitating the removal of toxic substances from the colon.

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