How To Test Your Cholesterol At Home?

How To Test Your Cholesterol At Home? There is a connection between cardiovascular diseases and high levels of cholesterol in the body. It’s advisable to be undergoing cholesterol tests from an early age. With modern day technological advancements and advances made in the medical field knowing your cholesterol level is very easy. Modern day devices are exceedingly popular as they offer accuracy and speedy results within the comfort of your home. Are they worth the investment? Is the home test advisable? This article sheds some light on home cholesterol tests.

The Home Cholesterol Test

Cholesterol tests delivered at home were approved by the FDA. The purpose of the test is to measure the level of body fat contained in the bloodstream. Companies began manufacturing products which measure HDL also referred to as High Density lipoprotein. In simple terms this is the good cholesterol that safeguards your heart and results into a build-up of plaque within your triglycerides and arteries.

On taking a home test, first prick your finger with a lancet. Spread the blood drop emanating onto a small paper piece immersed in the right chemicals and eagerly wait for your results. It takes approximately ten minutes for you to witness clear results. The color the paper takes can be used to gauge your result. In other cases, the results are displayed onto a screen in barely a minute.
Usually, the success rate of home cholesterol tests are over 95% – fairly competing with that conducted in a medical laboratory.

Is A Home Test Costly?

To conduct a home cholesterol test might vary in cost depending on the test kit you will go for The tiny paper strips cost around $14 while the automated hand-held cholesterol device costs about $125.The latter device costs way more as it also tests the HDL, cholesterol, triglycerides and LCL. All this sounds like a great bargain as compared to making tedious trips to medical lab or your doctor’s office.

Shortcomings Of The Home Cholesterol Test

Despite the home test kit being highly convenient it has a few shortcomings. First, the most affordable tests only measure the users total cholesterol level. This leaves out other important facets required in a comprehensive test such as LDL, triglycerides and HDL. Secondly, there will be no examination of your age, family history, gender or nutritional habits which a doctor might put into consideration during their examination.

Things To Consider:

  • When buying the monitors ensure that you only make your purchase from reputable FDA approved medical stores and pharmacies.
    •Always stick to the manufacturer recommended instructions to ensure you get the correct results.
    • Feel free to share the results of your cholesterol home test with your doctor.

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