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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Costs You?

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Costs You? Of course, laser hair removal doesn’t come free – or cheap. However, while you might have immediate thoughts of rates far beyond your budget, you may well be surprised at just how affordable the laser hair removal cost can be.

Laser hair removal

We’ve all heard of laser hair removal, but is it really a practical solution? In short, yes. People around the world undergo this treatment on a regular basis, achieving permanently hair-free skin in a fairly quick procedure. This is an ideal solution for women looking to liberate themselves from the constant tedium of shaving or waxing their legs, or for men cursed with unsightly back hair. While the prospect of being struck with a laser again and again may be daunting to begin with, it saves on time and discomfort associated with regular grooming over time.

Let’s take a closer look at laser hair removal cost.

Boosting your Confidence … For Good

Laser hair removal involves beaming lights in high concentrations right into hair follicles on a specific area of skin. Within these follicles, pigment absorbs the light’s energy, which destroys the hair in a single quick blast. Lasers are more precise than other grooming methods, and can remove unsightly coarse, stubborn hairs without causing any damage to the skin in the surrounding area. Laser hair removal is surprisingly fast, too – each blast is over with in a fraction of a second, which makes them ideal for removing numerous hairs in one go.


Usually, the treated area will see total hair loss within between three and seven procedures, eliminating the need for further grooming in years to come. On average, laser hair removal cost will vary depending on the space to be treated. For example, a woman looking to have her bikini line stripped should expect to pay somewhere between $350 and $500 per session, which is suited to the majority of budgets (particularly when payment plans are widely available).


Of course, larger areas with more hair growth bring greater expense. A male patient looking to have his back made smoother and more attractive will be paying somewhere in the region of $600 – 900 per session. The chest, on the other hand, typically incurs a cost of around $350 – 600, while the underarms may be rendered hair-free at $250 – 350 per treatment.

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Multiple sessions

Multiple sessions will be required, which sees the cost swell, but consider this: how much would you pay in waxing appointments or a set of razors every single year for the rest of your life? For many people, this question proves vital in helping them decide whether laser hair removal is the right choice. We take the costs associated with common grooming techniques for granted, yet investing in a permanent cosmetic solution often feels beyond our means.


Each clinic will offer its own laser hair removal cost rates and payment methods, to accommodate patients on various budgets. Results are impressive, effective, and far less uncomfortable than you may at first imagine – your chosen clinic will provide in-depth consultations beforehand, giving you the chance to address any concerns you may have. Laser hair removal can transform your life, leaving you with a better self-image, more confidence to dress however you like, and encourage you to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

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