Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Breakfast Ideas, Of all the gifts that nature has given to man, health is perhaps the most important one and we should value it. Everything that we strive for so hard will only mean when our health is intact. Quite often it is the case that in the race of performing at optimum level, we tend to ignore our health, not realizing that it is the root cause for better performance. We might be able to sustain non-healthy diet and activities during our youth but it is bound to get us into trouble in later part of our lives. We can become host of different illnesses like increased cholesterol level, high blood pressure, and others.

 Healthy Breakfast

1- Causes for cholesterol and blood pressure

It is a known fact that poor diet that includes animal fat is the primary cause of high cholesterol levels. It becomes all the more sensitive matter as there are no clear signs of high cholesterol. Similarly, high blood pressure means that there is more stress on the heart to pump blood to the rest of the body, which in turn causes rigidness to the arteries. Both these separately or combined together not only increases the chances of a heart attack but can make the human body prone to other illnesses as well.

2- A healthy body

A healthy body will invariably result in more active efforts towards living a healthy life. For this purpose, conscious efforts to maintain and improve physical health are very important. While exercise and physical exertion are important factors, they may not seem very practical considering the busy and hectic schedules we follow. Due to this, it becomes very important to take good care of our food intake.

3- A healthy breakfast

Talking about the healthy food intake, a healthy breakfast is pivotal. It has been scientifically proved that of all the meals during the day, breakfast is the most important and has most effect on the body. If the day is started with a healthy breakfast with food items that are low in fat and high in energy, it will last for the whole day. Our bodies will be revitalized and we will carry that energy all day long. Skipping breakfast will mean that the day is started without much energy and the later meals will become heavier.

4- What can you have for breakfast?

Having some time to take a healthy breakfast in the morning, is a great way to start your morning off right. There are so many ideas when it comes to taking a healthy breakfast and the options are endless. You cannot limit yourself on what to eat in the morning to kick off your day because there is a variety of healthy recipes to choose from. Most people believe that a healthy breakfast entails three components which include; whole-grain carbohydrate, a serving of fruit as well as dairy or a high calcium food. A high protein serving such as egg or meat is ok too but one should be on the look out, not to consume something that adds on too much fats and calories on the body.

Ideas for a healthy breakfast:

1. You can decide to take Avacado, Mustard and dill, on a whole wheat muffin with an egg that is boiled. With avacado on top, everything’s better and a pinch of dill and some mustard do give the dish an extra pop of fragrance and of course flavor. Adding a boiled egg to the combination really gives you a real breakfast champion.

2. Having healthy banana bread. The bread is sweetened with honey and not refined sugar. You can spread a peanut butter on top of it, for a boost of protein.

3. Scrambled eggs with beans, Pesto and tomatoes. This is known to be a fiber tasty rich meal.

4. Avocado toast. Avocado is loaded with cholesterol as well as fiber-lowering monounsaturated fats.

5. taking a toasted pistachio muesli with apple and fig, is also a good way to kick off your day right.

6. Poached eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes.

7. You can have almond butter, fruit parfaits and yogurt.

8. Chocolate quinoa breakfast bowl. A bowlful of quinoa makes for a protein rich base.

9. Yogurt with granola and grapes.

10. Whole grain blueberry muffins. It delivers on lots of fiber.

11. Fruit and cheese also works out best.

Taking a healthy breakfast every day in the morning really helps to give your body the various nutrients it needs in order get your metabolism working for the day. Thus, always keep in mind that the best way that you can treat yourself is to have a healthy body and the best way to have a healthy body is to have a healthy breakfast.

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