Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Hair Loss Treatment for Men. A previous theory regarding the reason for male pattern depilation, planned by Dr. Lars Engstrand of Sverige, was the tight scalp or additional properly the tight plant organ theory. The plant organ is the skinny, tendinous membrane covering the crown of the top. It’s forty sq. inches in space. In keeping with Dr. Engstrand, once males reach pubescence, the plant organ tends to become thick and spring fewer thanks to the influence of the male internal secretion of androgen.

Tight Scalp Theory

Supposedly a thick and springless plant organ constricts the blood vessels that nourish the hair follicles. Once this happens the follicles shrink and stop to provide healthy hair. Engstrand performed a chilling surgery to ease the scalp and plant organ tension. The doctor’s theory continues to be espoused in a very pamphlet by Paavo Airola that’s sold in most food stores.

There are some weaknesses within the tight scalp theory–in truth, several weaknesses. However, there’s conjointly some credibility as a result of a correlation exists between a decent scalp and hair loss. However, correlation doesn’t essentially mean causing. As an example, there will appear to be a correlation between the length of a man’s wedding and therefore the loss of his hair. The matter is that one does not essentially cause the opposite. Or other than perhaps it will.

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The Current Theory about Hair

The current theory regarding the reason for male pattern depilation is complicated however it’s conjointly credible. It holds that in males WHO are genetically susceptible to depilation, bound hair follicles begin to provide associate in nursing protein. The protein is named the 5-alpha enzyme. This protein converts the male internal secretion androgen current within the blood into dihydrotestosterone or simply DHT.

According to the posh theory of hair loss in men and treatment WHO are liable to depilation, bound follicles (and these follicles are within the areas that become characteristically bald) begin to provide 5-alpha enzyme that grabs androgen from the blood and converts it into the potent DHT.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

DHT is the wrongdoer. DHT has an Associate in nursing adverse impact on hair follicles. Here’s how it works. High concentrations of DHT within the follicles cause them to pay less time within the growing stage and longer within the resting stage of the hair cycle. I currently wish to debate in some detail the hair cycle as a result of this can be vital within the understanding of pattern depilation.


The 3 stages of the hair cycle

The first is the growing stage or Anagen. This stage lasts from 2 to 5 years. At anybody time ninety of the hair follicles are during this stage. Throughout this stage-bound cells at the bottom of the vesicle in a district known as the matrix manufacture the robust supermolecule sclera protein that the hair consists of. Once these cells (the keratinocytes) are operating properly, they manufacture hair thick in diameter. This can be known as terminal hair. However, once these cells don’t seem to be functioning at their full capacity they manufacture a hair skinny in diameter. This can be known as Vellus hair. It is the quiet peach fuzz you see on the scalps of men WHO are going bald. Once the follicles pay but the traditional quantity of your time within the growing stage thanks to the influence of DHT, they have an inclination to provide vellus hair.

Second Stage (Chronic stage)


The second stage of the hair cycle is the catagen or chronic stage. This lasts simply per week or 2. At anybody time just one or 2 of the hair follicles are during this stage. Throughout this stage, there’s a fast wrinkling and contraction of the lower part of the vesicle. Sclera protein production ceases throughout this stage.

Third Stage (Resting stage)


The third stage of the hair cycle is the resting stage or telogen. This stage lasts between 3 and 5 months. At anybody time a simple fraction of the hair follicles is during this stage. Throughout this stage the previous telogen hairs simply rest within the currently absolutely shrunk vesicle bulbs. Late during this stage, these previous hairs bit by bit begin to fall out, therefore, it’s commonplace for a person or a girl to lose between thirty and fifty of those hairs daily. However, with healthy hair follicles, these previous telogen hairs are replaced by new anagen hairs within the next growth stage of the hair cycle. For a fuller treatment of this subject see Kevin J. McElwee’s long article “Hair biology” on his computing machine

The follicle

The follicle is the industrial plant wherever the hair and therefore the hair coloring are made. The activity of every vesicle is freelance of the others (a mosaic pattern). Every vesicle has its own rhythm surfing the varied stages of the hair cycle maybe 10 or twenty times in a period. Enlargement or shrinking of the follicles takes place solely throughout the first growth stage.

The Hair Matrix

The hair matrix is wherever the action takes place. Here specialized cells manufacture the sclera protein from which the hair is formed and therefore the animal pigment that stains the sclera protein gives the hair its color. This action takes place throughout the growing stage of the hair cycle. Hair synthesis and animal pigment production occur deep within the follicle. Superficial cures for depilation like shampoos for the follicles or tonics with active ingredients to stimulate hair do not work. The vesicle is nourished by a network of capillaries. These capillaries are the delivery system of transferal nutrients to the bottom of the vesicle. The quantity of blood out there to the scalp and thus to the follicles is decided by the health of the capillaries within the scalp and of the arteries within the neck and temples.

According to Dermatologists

Most dermatologists tend to be extremely skeptical of any approach or treatment that’s not in unison with their organic chemistry theory. They need a right to be skeptical. The organic chemistry theory is powerful. These dermatologists believe that hair loss isn’t associated with things like clogged follicles, improper diet, toxins within the blood, lack of blood circulation to the follicles, or emotional trauma. They believe that bound individuals are genetically susceptible to depilation, which little or no are often done to curtail, stop, or reverse the inevitable. They believed this till recently. Most dermatologists recently recommended either Rogaine or Propecia or a mix of each. The actual fact that several hair follicles tend to get throughout the employment of Rogaine and Propecia has solid doubt on the previous changelessness theory of male pattern depilation.

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