Floradix: Uses, Benefits and Effects

What is Floradix?

Floradix: Uses, Benefits and Effects all you need to know. Floradix is a liquid food supplement containing Iron in the form of Iron Gluconate with added vitamins and minerals. It contains herbal extracts and fruit juice concentrations without any presence of preservatives, added colors and alcohol. This food supplement also contains Vitamin B2, B6 and Vitamin C that helps in better iron absorption. Iron is one of the major nutrient required for the production of haemoglobin. It helps in transportation of oxygen from lungs to various parts of the body. When there is inadequate amount of Hemoglobin in blood cells then less amount of oxygen reaches the cell. It can lead to improper metabolism producing less energy resulting in fatigue and tiredness.

Floradix: Uses, Benefits and Effects

Use of Floradix helps in restoring normal iron level in the blood which reduces fatigue and tiredness. Study has shown iron level was brought back to normal within 2 weeks. Just because of this liquid food supplement was introduced as the daily supplement for people with conditions like Menstruation,pregnancy and breastfeeding which takes a lot of blood from the system causing drastic drop in the iron content.

What makes it different from other Iron supplements?

Most of the iron supplements are in solid form and body of average person can absorb only 20% of it while 80% of its goes unabsorbed leading to problems like constipation and gas. However, since Floradix is a liquid solution, which does not need to dissolve before absorption, and hence 98% of iron is potentially available for quick absorption. A study revealed that almost all of the Iron is absorbed and hence less and insignificant amount of iron moves to intestinal tract that unlikely may cause constipation or gas.

Benefits and Usage of Floradix

  • Floradix is used to normalize blood iron level since major of the its components are either iron or vitamins that facilitate better absorption of iron.
  • Floradix has high absorption rate due to presence of vitamins like vitamin C and B2 and its availability in the liquid state that makes almost 98% of iron easily absorbable.
  • Issues of decreased fertility are caused due to shortage of iron and it can be fixed by constant use of floradix.
  • Floradix is particularly beneficial for expectant and lactating mothers and people with active lifestyles.
  • Floradix reduces fatigue and tiredness because its iron content leads to production of hemoglobin that helps in carrying more oxygen to various cells of the body and providing better metabolism.

Negative Effects of Floradix

Floradix may cause constipation and gas problems. If high dose of this liquid supplement is given to kids at or below the age of 6 it may cause poisoning. Even accidental overdose in adults may cause poisoning.

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Floradix Review

This liquid food supplement has a very positive response from the consumers. Most of them have experienced massive positive changes in their health after taking it as their daily supplement. It was very effective in reducing the issues of tiredness and fatigue and most people reported that they felt more energetic after constant use of supplement. The absence of preservatives and alcohol makes floradix suitable for the growing children and pregnant women. Its highly soluble property makes even small amount of floradix to introduce sufficient amount of iron in the system within very small time.

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