Easy And Factual Tips For Conceiving A Girl

Easy And Factual Tips For Conceiving A Girl. There are several couples who love to have a baby girl. Generally, people like to have two children. If they get a baby boy as their first child, they expect to have a baby girl. But it is not something we can pre-plan and get it as we like. But there are various factual tips and natural advice that experts have provided so that the parents can expect a baby girl if they follow all these instructions.

How To Conceive A Baby Girl?


 Have sex from last day of your periods to just 3 or 4 days before you are ovulating. Studies show that girls sperm live longer than boys sperm. Doing like this will allow the girl sperm to stay more longer to fertilize the egg.
 Eat foods that are acidic because girl sperms are harmless to acidic whereas boy sperms die soon if acidity is present.
 Usual shallow penetration while having sex such as missionary position which will make the boy sperm move away from the egg.
 It is recommended for females to avoid orgasm because it will make the environment more alkaline in nature.
 Low sodium meal diets will increase the chances of getting a girl child.
 If you have reduced calorie it will change the sperm environment and there is high chance of getting a baby girl.

There are eight important things that increase the chance of having a girl.

Shettles method

This method is one of the olden method and is been since 1960s. It also has a success rate of 75%. Girl sperm are stronger and resilient. To conceive a girl, you should have sex two to four days before ovulation. To get a girl, it is advised that you should not have sexual course when you have a clear, egg-yolk which is the sign of ovulation.

No orgasm

It is widely believed that avoiding orgasm is a key factor to get a baby girl. Female orgasm releases an alkaline solution which is best suited for boys sperm and not good for female sperms. It makes the boy sperm to live longer. Without these secretions, boy sperm will have less chance to survive and cannot reach the egg.

More sexual intercourse

When trying for a girl, it is good to have more sex which will reduce the partner’s sperm count, thereby there will be less fast-swimming boy sperms in the race for fertilization.

Have it as a mission

For a boy, deep penetration is key but for a girl, the opposite of shallow penetration is important. Having sex in military position will increase the chance of raising a baby girl as it restricts the penetration level.

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Vegetables and fruits

By research studies, it is proved that eating more vegetables and fruits can raise the chances of having a baby girl. Foods such as spinach, broccoli, and nuts and other items good in calcium and magnesium and other green leaves will be good for conceiving girl baby.

 Items to Include: Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds – Sunflower – Berries – Oatmeal – Beans – Spinach – Nuts – Broccoli – Leafy Greens – Most Fruits – Oranges – Figs – Cod – Salmon – Mackerel – Tuna – Haddock – Carp – Poultry – Lamb – Beef – Cheese – Butter – Yogurt – Eggs…

 Items to Avoid: All Processed Foods – Salted Meats – Apples – Almonds –  Cucumbers – Avocados – Caffeine – Olives…

Acid foods

Another great tip is that you should have acidic food which makes the girl sperms grow stronger in which male sperms die soon. Take chocolates, soda, and vinegar. However, do not eat more unhealthy foods.

Low salt foods

A low salt food will make you healthier as well as increases the chances of growing a baby girl. Try reduced salted meats, olives, cheese, and processed foods with less salt in them. Cooking without salt will be good during pregnancy as well

Bath time

Having a bath time before having sex will reduce the chance for male sperms to survive. Boy sperm are heat-averse. Therefore, soak in hot bath tub before going for your course.

These tips are not scientifically proved but they have high success rates for raising a baby girl.

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