Dulcolax – Uses, Benefits and Effects

♦ What is dulcolax?

Dulcolax also known as Bisacodyl, is a medicine. This medicine belongs to the medicinal class commonly known as stimulant laxatives. If you have ever experienced constipation, there is a possibility this drug was one of your prescriptions. Dulcolax – Uses, Benefits and Effects are discussed below:

♦ Uses

It is a very effective medicine for treating occasional constipation. Dulcolax is not only a good reliever to occasional constipation, but also can be used for other irregularities. This medicine has the power to directly act on bowels, which then ignites a stimulating effect to cause the movement of the bowel.

♦ Key benefits

As said, the drug stimulates the bowel muscles, and even other sources say that it also accumulates some water in the intestines. Benefits to this are that it ensures hard stools are softened. Then it produces bowel movement quickly so that the softened stool can be excreted out of your body. As a result, the medicine is perfect in ensuring you ease that annoying constipation, so that you can be free and back to your normalcy as fast as in a single night. The medicine can help you get back to your feet, if you are that type of a person who constipation can easily ruin your working days.

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It is easy to use. Just take it before you go to bed; although most likely, you will feel its effect the following morning. However, always rely on the information from your doctors. It is important to share with your doctor all, that which is necessary before taking this medicine.

♦ Negative health side effects

Just like many other medications, dulcolax has some side effects, although the occurrences of these side effects vary from a person to another. Some people might experience very minor side effects, while others will always experience more defined side effects.

All those who have used this medicine will say, they experienced cramps, stomach discomforts and faintness. To some people, they have experienced the severe side of it. Therefore includes allergic reactions such as itching, chest tightness, difficulty in breathing, rashes and even hives. Others will experience swelling of face, mouth, lips and even the tongue; although this happens in rare cases, it’s worth taking note. You therefore don’t need to be scared if your only solution from your constipation is to use dulcolax. As said, guidelines from your doctor will greatly help you use this medication and still just be fine.

♦ Experts’ viewpoints

Altstein Samuel and White j. Rebecca, both of New York, plus other experts reveals that dulcolax is very much effect. However, it should strictly be used under the guidance of a doctor. It can be harmful to use this drug, without considering what a pharmacist or a doctor has to say about you. This is because, those who are allergic to bisacodyl, or are severely hydrated or even have hereditary conditions that can prevent them from taking sucrose or lactose, and other diseases should not take this medication. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure you get legal advice from physicians before proceeding with the medication. Nevertheless, it has been tasted when it comes to its efficiency; so feel free to use it That is why it was approved as a medication.

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