Cocaine Detox: Timeline, Duration and Benefits

Cocaine Detox: Timeline, Duration and Benefits. Cocaine detoxification is a medically supervised period in which an individual addicted to cocaine is given medication by a doctor to counteract the withdrawal symptoms. The process can be conducted at an inpatient rehab clinic, at an outpatient facility, or at home. The inpatient facility can be a hospital or a private clinic located outside the hospital. The detoxification approach depends on how severe the symptoms are, the frequency of drug abuse, and the presence of other physical or mental illness. The rehab process is aimed at managing the withdrawal symptoms and removing the cocaine toxins left in the blood system.

Cocaine Detox Timeline

Health care providers will examine the patient and perform inquiries to come up with the best option for the rehab process. The schedule may vary, but the following takes place during cocaine detoxification:

  • Within the first few hours: the individual is put through an assessment process to determine the best rehab approach. The person is put through a series of questions by the doctor regarding their medical history, the frequency of cocaine use, and their current living conditions and the home environment.
  • After the initial assessment: the health care provider will then prescribe medications such as antidepressants, beta-blockers, and anti-anxiety drugs to the patient. The drugs will help in the management of the psychological effects of cocaine.
  • Symptoms begin presenting: long time addicts are likely to show cocaine withdrawal symptoms at this stage. Less serious users will not experience withdrawal symptoms for 24 hours or longer.
  • Stabilization: at this stage, the health care provider will monitor the individual seeking treatment for any complications. The psychological withdrawal symptoms will be expected to decline within the first week of the detoxification process. Physical withdrawal symptoms can last for four to five days.

Cocaine Detox Duration And Length

Cocaine Detoxification process can typically last between three and seven days. The duration taken by the detoxification process depends on many factors such as how long the individual has abused the drug, the person’s family history, and the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. An inpatient monitoring process with be conducted until the patient reaches a stabilization point. The control and stabilization period will depend on how long the patient has abused cocaine alongside other co-occurring substances. The most difficult part of cocaine detox process involves overcoming the mental and emotional dependence.

Benefits Of Cocaine Detoxification Process

The success of a cocaine treatment program depends on the results of the rehab process. The cocaine treatment program is designed to meet the unique emotional, physiological, and psychiatric needs of the individual. The following are benefits of cocaine detoxification process to the individual:

  • The detoxification process boosts an individual’s response to the treatment program by enabling him/her to think clearly and improve his/her mood.
  • The detoxification process enables the addiction victim to think clearly and understand the source of his/her psychiatric problems and deal with them better.
  • The process is the beginning of the sobriety period for the individual.
  • Cocaine detoxification period is where an individual’s body and mind begin to recover in preparation for the subsequent stages of the treatment program.

Treatment Facilities Available For Cocaine Detoxification

The rehabilitation process is carried out in either an inpatient facility or in outpatient services. The inpatient facility will require the patient to stay in the service for a length of the program which may last between 28 to 90 days. Outpatient services require the patient to visit the facility without necessarily having to stay. The patient returns to their homes after the treatment.

Mostly, the detoxification process takes place in a residential treatment program. The program can last anywhere between one month and one year. The process can operate on a strict structure and start with the initial detoxification. Patients are put on nutritional monitoring, vitamins supplementation, and medication if necessary. The process can be carried out in a medical clinic or a hospital that offers cocaine detoxification and rehabilitation services.

What Follows The Detoxification Process?

After the detoxification process, the patient begins a mental and emotional healing process. The healing process can be done through the following steps:

  1. Part-time hospitalization or day treatment: the program provides limited hours for management every day at the health facility.
  2. Outpatient programs: the programs run in the evenings, and on weekends for individuals continuing to work and those who have supportive family members.
  3. Intensive outpatient programs: the program requires nine to twenty hours of treatment per week. The treatment is more intense than the regular outpatient treatment.

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