Causes of a Negative Pregnancy Test With no Period

Causes of a Negative Pregnancy Test With no Period. Women had to visit doctors to get pregnancy checks until in the early 70s when the first pregnancy kit got invented. Due to different menstrual cycles, it is possible for a woman to get negative pregnancy results even when she misses or delays in getting her periods. It is a very scary and stressful experience whether you are sexually active or not and that is why one should get checked up if the test is still negative after weeks of not getting periods. Negative pregnancy test is when you get negative results on your kit even when you experience signs and symptoms of pregnancy. There are many reasons which could lead to the problem but below are the common ones: 

Thyroid issues

The glands found in your thyroid control your metabolism and when they don’t function properly, your periods will delay. Overactive or underactive thyroid can cause light or infrequent periods while no periods in some cases. Symptoms like fatigue, weight gain or fever could show that you have thyroid problems but it is treatable with proper medication.


High levels of prolactin can make you miss your periods. This mostly happens to breastfeeding mothers and it is very common for them to miss or have late periods. While the hormone helps in producing breast milk, it also affects the other hormones which control your menses. Your nipples may produce milky discharges even when you are not breastfeeding but medication will completely stop it.

Hormonal Imbalance

You may have negative pregnancy tests if you have hormonal imbalance issues. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition which affects the maturity of a woman’s egg. The condition makes the eggs stay for long periods in the ovaries thus delaying the fertilization process. Irregular menstrual cycles are its early sign. Women who are also in their nearing stages of menopause are likely to have late or no periods thus the negative results in the pregnancy tests.


This is also why you are getting negative pregnancy tests with no period. Our bodies produce cortisol when stressed out, nervous or worried and these hormones are from progesterone which thickens the uterus lining after ovulation. Since progesterone also plays a major role in your menstrual cycle, being stressed out will make your body steal these hormones and create extra cortisol. This could lead to fertility issues or even no periods. You need to avoid stress by all means if you want to have a healthy life and increase your chances of getting pregnant. Meditation or exercises are few of the ways you can use to relieve stress.


It is very common for a woman to get late periods if she exercises too much. A study states that female athletes are more likely to get affected than the rest when it comes to excreting gonadotropin releasing hormone. The hormone which signals other glands like lutropin and follicle stimulants which are responsible for egg release and maturity, is normally released in a sequence of every 60 to 90 minutes. Vigorous exercise will seriously interrupt that pulsating rate thus reducing the release of gonadotropin releasing hormone. Missing your menses is the end result since the reproductive system is also out.

It is good to exercise because it has tons of benefits but it is advisable to do it moderately; 30 minutes is enough for a day.

Eating Habits and Disorder

You can get negative test results if you have poor eating habits or not watching your diet. Example, you cannot have healthy cycles when you eat foods which are high in carbohydrates because your body will lack enough nutrients. Diets which are low in fat can also impact negatively on your menstrual cycle. You can also get negative pregnancy results if you are anorexic. This is because the condition stops periods due to too much weight loss.

Useful Tips

  •  Practice proper nutrition for it directly affects your menstrual cycle as well as hormonal health.
  •  Avoid drinking any fluids before having your pregnancy test. This is because the fluids may dilute your urine thus affecting the amount of hCG in your urine.
  •  Use quality brand tests. It is possible to get negative results if you use kits which are not sensitive enough. Some may need a certain amount of hCG level before giving you the results. Use different kits for accurate results.
  •  Be patient- Women are different and some may get results just days after missing their periods while others may not. Take some time about a week or two then do the test before coming to any conclusion.
  • Fertility supplements -You may have negative pregnancy test results with no periods due to fertility issues; it could be you or your partner. Your doctor may prescribe some fertility supplements which will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Menstrual cycles differ from one woman to another. Some get them twice a month while others five times in a year. Some bleed heavily while others have just spots. Whether you ovulate regularly or not, know that all conditions are normal and treatable need be. It is also very common to have irregular periods so don’t freak out when your physician tells you not to worry.

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