Best Ways For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Best Ways For Losing Weight After Pregnancy. Being a new mother is something most women wish and pray for. However, it is always filled with a myriad of mixed emotions. There is the joy of safe delivery and having a healthy baby, while on the other hand, one has to contend with the excess weight gained during pregnancy. How most women wish it could just vanish immediately after childbirth.

 Fastest way to lose weight after pregnancy

Unfortunately, that will never happen. Seeing that it took a whole nine months for the weight to build up, you will also have to work your way back to the pre-pregnancy. Here are tips on the right way to do it.

Be Patient With Yourself 

The first step to losing weight after pregnancy is to be patient with yourself. Accepting that the transformation will take some time is important. It helps reduce the pressure and stress hence preventing hormones from acting up. Plus your body needs time to recover fully.


Breastfeeding is not only good for the child but the mother too. It is said that suckling your child helps to burn more than 500 calories in the body. This inadvertently leads to cutting down on the excess weight. After all, the baby did bring about the extra pounds. It is great when they participated in shedding it off. You just have to take it one breastfeeding session at a time.

Well-balanced Diet

Eat and drink enough water your body needs nutrients. Denying it in the name of getting back in shape will only complicate matters. Eat a well-balanced diet that comprises of foods rich in essential nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, and proteins. The meals should be spaced out through the day with a few healthy snacks in between. Most preferably 6 small meals. Water should also fall into the program as it helps speed metabolism and to avoid dehydration.

Simple Exercises

Exercise once the dieting part has been tackled, you will have to follow it up with exercising. This does not mean you hit the gym right away. Start with simple exercises such as taking a stroll with the baby in the stroller. With time you will be able to increase the intensity by covering more distance. The body will adjust slowly and finally you can move to strength training in the gym. Start with the light weights and some bit of cardio. Rest getting some rest is probably the most challenging part in all these.

8-Hour Sleep

What with the baby demanding attention all the time. Either way, your 8-hour sleep is part of the recovery plan. The trick here is to have as many naps as possible during the day. You might just have to align your sleeping pattern to your child’s. Fatigue and lack of sleep cause the body to release cortisol and other stress hormones which enhance weight gain.

Seek a Help

Seek help lastly, you can seek the help of a professional. This could be your doctor or dietitian. He/she is supposed to hold you accountable so that quitting never crosses your mind. No matter how hard or frustrating it might get. They will be with you through the process and offer encouragement when necessary. You will need it.

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