Best Stethoscope for Nurses and Medical Students

Best Stethoscope for Nurses and Medical Students, If you are a healthcare provider or work in a healthcare sector, you must know how crucial it is for a doctor and health care practitioners to hold a stethoscope in their hand. The quality measurement of the stethoscope truly depends on the work environment, specific needs and requirements and budgets.

 What is a Stethoscope?

So, what really is stethoscope? A stethoscope is a medical instrument used by doctors and nurses to listen action of a person’s heart or breathing. It is typically included in a small disc-shaped resonator that is placed on the chest, and two tubes like structures are connected to the doctor or nurse ear. It is used for diagnostic purposes in a hospital/ medical community hall, etc.

Using this medical instrument, you can listen to a patient’s heart beat, pulse points, chest cavity and noise produced by some other internal organs. Nurses can use them to listen for restoring the flow of blood during a blood pressure check, and among other procedures.

 Types of Stethoscopes?

To a normal human being, medical instrument may seem like same devices. But, for a medical professional instrument such as stethoscope comes in various alters. Usually, the stethoscope is of five different types: fetal, recording, acoustic, noise reduction and electronic.

Acoustic stethoscope is the commonly used stethoscope in hospital. They function by using a chest piece with hollow tubes that go to the doctor’s ear. The chest piece has got two sides- a bell and a diaphragm. Electronic stethoscopes amplify body sounds electronically. Here, the sound waves are converted into electric signals that are improved and they offer much louder and clearer sound.

Noise reduction stethoscopes are built using an ambient noise filtering system. Recording stethoscopes have a feature that allows doctors to use a recording device with the stethoscope in order to record direct audio output. This is a much useful device as compared to other stethoscope types. Fetal stethoscopes are also known as Pinard or a Fetoscope. This stethoscope is generally positioned against a pregnant woman’s abdomen in order to listen to the heartbeat of the fetus.


 How to Use a Stethoscope?

Medical professionals are skilled to use stethoscopes, but you can learn how to use one too.

1. Select a noiseless place to use your stethoscope: It is always advisable to use stethoscope in a quiet place.

2. Position the patient: To listen to the heart and abdomen, health care practitioner need to have your patient get into a flat position. For listening to the lungs, the patient needs to sit up. One can hear heart, lung, and bowel sounds by making the patient sit, stand, lay on one side, etc.

 How to Choose a Stethoscope?

It is always crucial to choose a right stethoscope for usage. Here are following a few tips on choosing a right stethoscope:

1. Get a high quality stethoscope: Having a high quality stethoscope is vital. The better the quality of your stethoscope, the easy and convenient it will be to listen to a patient’s body. Make sure that the tubing does not have any leaks by tapping on the diaphragm.

2. Adjust earpieces of the stethoscope: Check properly if the earpieces are facing forward and if they fit well or not, or else one may not be able to hear anything at all. If the earpieces are put backwards, still one cannot hear anything. Some stethoscope has a feature of tilting the earpiece forward to ensure best fit. Check your stethoscope now!

3. Check the earpiece tension on your stethoscope: The earpieces should be kept close to the head, but not too close. If they are placed too loose or too tight, adjust them accordingly. If the earpieces are too loose, there will be an obstacle in hearing, while tight placed earpieces will hurt the doctor’s ears and he/ she might have a hard time using it.

4. Choose a correct chest piece for your stethoscope: There are varieties of chest pieces available for stethoscopes. Take one that is correct for your needs. Chest pieces come in different sizes for adults and children.

 Best stethoscope for medical student

  Stethoscope Brands:

There are lots of stethoscope producers, but only a few of those constantly exhibit an aptitude to produce a top-tier product. What sets these companies distant is the fact that their founders are experts in their field, they have the assets to continue to innovate, and they are passionate about their product. Though these companies differ in their product design and offerings, you can’t go far wrong purchasing your next stethoscope from any one of them. Some of the major stethoscope brands available in the market is 3M Littmann, Welch Allyn Tycos, American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC), Heine, Cardionics, and more.

 How Much Does a Stethoscope Cost?

Stethoscopes vary widely in terms of cost. Some are as cheap as $7.50, and others that are several hundreds of dollars. Of course, there is quite a difference in the features and precision over that price range.

Normally, a stethoscope price would be anywhere from as little as $10 to as much as $250. For home use, most basic stethoscopes are going to be between the $10 to $80 range, while stethoscopes made for a medical professional can cost upwards of $250 or more.

 Best Place to Buy a Stethoscope:

Usually stethoscope can be found in medicinal stores, but if you want to purchase from online, you can get it with a discounted price. If you stay in a metropolitan area, then it is easy to get in person.

 Best Stethoscope for Nurses and Medical Students:

Finding the best stethoscope for practice can be the difference between being a good practitioner or an excellent one. The worth of a stethoscope you live with regularly regulates the level of frustration that you experience in a day.

As a nurse needs stethoscope to monitor patients, there need to be more versatile with this tool. Stethoscopes help nurses to take an accurate blood pressure reading or track vitals for a doctor. Length is an important factor for the stethoscopes that nurses use. Lightweight stethoscope, stainless steel model that is plated with rose gold, and 2-in-1 stethoscope, are some of the stethoscope types that can be used by nurses.

The best stethoscope device for medical students must be reasonable, but it must also meet the standards of your medical school. Lightweight, but has a high sound performance, dual head stethoscope, Electronic stethoscopes and standard stethoscopes are a few types that can be used by students.

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