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Air Pollution Effects on Human Health


The eye may be a delicate organ with an outsized and wet space exposed to the surroundings that produce it additionally vulnerable to pollution than alternative components of the body. However, the response of the eyes to mobile pollutants ranges from no symptoms in the slightest degree to severe irritation and chronic pain. Even once contact lenses square measure in use, the eyes square measure still additional sensitive to those effects.


Air Pollution Effects on Human Health. The severity of discomfort created by pollution is decided by the number of hydrocarbons and gas in the close air.

The organic compound chemicals that square measure notably well-known for inflicting such irritation embody C4 and C5 olefins. Hydrocarbons with branched chains have stronger effects on the eyes as compared to straight chains, particularly if the chain contains some double bonds far from the terminal carbon. The irritation caused by olefins is remarkably higher as compared to paraffin. Among phenoplast compounds, cyclohexene causes the foremost irritation as compared to benzine or cyclohexane.

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Air pollution Effects

Air pollution in the main happens thanks to the irradiation of automobile exhaust. a major level of eye irritation happens once exposed to such pollution for up to four hours. This development encompasses a half-life of twelve hours however bears no obvious relation with the amount of aerosol, ozone, peroxyacetyl radical, or organic compound. The irritants in irradiated automobile exhaust conjointly stay unchanged, despite will increase or decreases in the ratio (between half-hour and 80%) or temperature fluctuations (25 to 45ºC).
The relationship between the particle size in automobile exhaust and also the incidence of eye irritation remains unclear; but, one man of science has indicated that below zero.2 microns, irritation is basically prevented. it’s believed that the creation and performance of the car verify the emission of hydrocarbons and chemical element oxide, but individual organic compound levels rely additional upon the kind of fuel used. each of these chemicals manufactures eye irritation equally.


Some of the air pollutants that square measure unremarkably found in metropolitan cities include:

Carbon monoxide (CO)
Nitrogen dioxide (NO)
Sulfur dioxide (SO2)
Arsenic, asbestos, benzene, lead, chlorofluorocarbons, stuff, and dioxin

Symptoms within the eye

Some of the symptoms that square measure often determined following ocular exposure to pollution include:

Burning and redness sensations
Allergy with the severe itch, redness, discharge, swelling of the eyes, and problem in the gap in the eyes
Increased risk of infections
Gritty sensation
Visual difficulties together with refractive errors and impaired vision

Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome (DES) is the most frequent grievance among every one of those symptoms, with the incidence of DES double larger in girls over the age of fifty. The surface of the attention is inflamed and dry in DES, notably, once the patient wears the lens. As NO2 levels rise, the redness becomes a typical feature.


Individuals who square measure at a very high risk of those effects of pollution exposure embody people who stay outside for an extended time.
The treatment of the attention symptoms of air waste matter exposure while not the presence of an infection or allergic reaction is solely to cool down the eyes by laundry them gently with clean water, followed by applying a cool compress. Lubricating eye drops and also the use of shades are useful choices. Contact lenses and eye makeup ought to be avoided till the eyes square measure recovered utterly.

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