7 Unsafe Mistakes Women Make During Periods!

7 Unsafe Mistakes Women Make During Periods! It is that time of the month again, Having the aches, moodiness, pains, and much more is a lot for most women to take. Having the above makes it very much possible for most women to make period mistakes that are easily unavoidable. But for obvious reasons, many women out there take periods for granted. Therefore many women have poor menstrual habits that do no good to them. Below are the period mistakes that women take for granted. 

7 Unsafe Mistakes Women Make During Periods!

The Color of Blood

Attention to the color of your blood is most important. When menstrual periods starts there is the brown spotting which turns to bright red shade. Finally, it ends by turning dark brown.

Look out for blood clotting, strange colored blood and excessive discharge and smells. These can be indicators of serious health issues.

Keep Track of Time

It is very vital to have up-to-date record of your menstrual cycle. Note any difference in the flow, cramps, and date. Having this will help you determine if there are any irregularities.

Forgetting to Wash your Hands

Most ladies often forget to wash their hands after inserting a tampon or changing the sanitary pad. Remember to keep your hand clean to alleviate the possibility of bacteria infecting your vagina. As much as you think it is clean down there, clean your hands.

Irregular Change of Tampons or Pads

This is the one of the period mistakes that women make. Ladies, it is advisable to change your sanitary shield after a few hours. Doing so will decrease the chances of getting the toxic shock syndrome whereby you might get bacteria infections which may bring about life-threatening complications.

Use of Scented Products

Having a period is a way your vag gets to clean itself clean. Scented products have chemicals that will often vex you down there. Clean your private parts using water only. Any other part you can use all-natural soap that doesn’t have any fragrance or perfume on their labels.

Proactively not Taking Pain Relievers

Don’t wait until you start experiencing cramps to take pain relievers. It is wise to prevent pain when it is mild instead of when it is unbearable. If your that lucky one that has regular and predictable periods, mitigate the pain beforehand.

Low/none Intake of Iron

When having your monthly period, you get to lose a lot of iron rich blood. Therefore it is best to replenish the lost iron by eating food that is rich in iron. For those women that are vegetarian, eating beans, spinach, or supplements will ultimately help you replenish the lost iron. For the non-vegetarian, eating red meat, oysters will do the trick.

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