7 Things To Help You Sleep Better

7 Things To Help You Sleep Better, Tossing and turning the whole night is the worst experience one can have. The worst part is struggling with insomnia all night. According to CDC, an estimated 50-70 million adults in USA have sleep disorder. Ideally, there is a solution to having a better night sleep. If you follow the routine keenly then your problems concerning lack of sleep will be over. Daily practice will enable you to fall asleep without straining. Here are the tips to help you sleep better.


Daily Exercise

Carrying out regular exercises will enhance your sleep. You do not have to carry out tiresome and vigorous exercises for you to have a better sleep; a 30 minutes simple exercise is enough for a day.

Proper Lighting of The Bedroom

If you want to have a good night sleep, consider the kind of lighting in your bedroom. The right lighting matters when it comes to sleep. Your room should not be too light or too dark. Try mood lights and you will be surprised in how you will quickly fall asleep.


Simple meditation is also a trick to catching some sleep. Through light meditation, you enjoy the calm environment. Avoid worrying and stressful thoughts while going to sleep. Apart from that, focusing on your breathing also enables relaxation since you will feel the movement of air inside and outside of the body.

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Reform the Bedroom into a Sanctuary

You can turn the bedroom to become a peaceful and relaxation place. You can do this by switching off the TV, using a different lighting or adding more pillows to ensure the temperature of the room is favorable for sleep.

Strictly Follow the Daily Routine of Sleeping

If you want to improve your sleep, try sleeping at the same time regularly. A normal person may sleep for 5-8 hours, so it is up to you to allocate the best time for you to start sleeping and ensure you follow the routine every day. You will notice the difference if you persistently follow the sleeping pattern.

Take 30 Minutes of Relaxation

After a long tiresome day, you need to have a thirty minutes relaxation time before you sleep. This entails to listening to your favorite songs or maybe having a shower. You will end up switching off before you even know it.


Consider the Foods and Drinks you Take before You go to Bed

Before expiring to bed, you should have in mind the kind of foods and drinks you take since they also play a crucial role in determining sleep. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and not forgetting the sugar fatty foods like ice cream that have similar effects like the caffeine. Additionally, avoid, at least three hours before you go to bed, spicy food, bread products, bacon cheeseburger, and much protein (especially red meat).

Try these tricks to have a better night sleep.

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