6 Effective Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins

Would you love to have twin babies? 6 Effective Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins, The fact is that your chances of conceiving twins under ordinary conditions are minimal. There are those who undergo in-vitro fertilization or even take drugs to boost their fertility; to increase their chances of having twins. However, there are much better and natural ways to conceive twin babies; the good thing with natural ways is that you don’t have to worry about the side effects of drugs or the complication from other procedures. Read on to find out about these amazing natural ways of increasing your odds of getting pregnant with twins.

 Natural ways to get pregnant with twins

In most cases, twin babies are of fraternal kind. This type of twin babies results from simultaneous fertilization of two different ova (eggs) by two sperms. The other type of twins is called identical. These are conceived as a result of the fertilization of one egg by a sperm. This egg then separates into two, forming two identical twin babies. Identical twin babies are rarer compared to fraternal twin babies.

There are a few things that build your odds of conceiving with twin babies. Having a family history of twins expands your odds of having twin babies. This means somebody from your mom’s or dad’s side had twin babies. This genetic trait of having twin babies might be passed from your folks down to you. Having fraternal twin babies is thought to be hereditary; however, having identical twins is not thought to be hereditary.

Things you can do to naturally expand your odds of having twin babies:

 Take Folate Supplements

Studies have shown that ladies who take folate supplements before getting pregnant will probably have twin babies. These studies have indicated that you may have around 40% chances of having twin babies if you take folate before attempting to get pregnant.

 Put on Weight

Reliable studies have shown that ladies who were overweight had a higher shot of having twin babies. Additionally, taller ladies have a higher possibility of conceiving twin babies.

 Take more Milk and Other Dairy Products

According to research, ladies who take dairy products are four times more inclined to have twin babies than those who don’t. Based on the same research, ladies who take dairy products from cows treated with growth hormones are a lot more likely to conceive twin babies.

 Delay Weaning your Baby

In the event that you are breastfeeding, delay weaning your baby till you conceive. As indicated by research, ladies who conceived while breastfeeding were almost 10 times more likely to have twins than those who had stopped breastfeeding their babies.

 Age Timing

It has been scientifically proven that older women secrete more follicle stimulating hormone. This hormone raises the odds of releasing multiple ova (human eggs) during ovulation. Therefore, you should try getting pregnant at a later age; however don’t wait till you get to menopause. The ideal age to try is around 40 years.

 Quit your Birth-Control Pills

In the event that you’ve been on hormonal anti-conception meds for a while, quit. It will take a few cycles before the body conforms to the resulting change. There will be a surge in your Luteinizing hormone levels and subsequent higher chances of getting pregnant with twins.

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