5 Benefits of Lemon Water You Didn’t Know About

5 Benefits of Lemon Water You Didn’t Know About! Celebrities such as Jenifer Aniston and Anne Hathaway swear by the lemon diet to stay thin and beautiful. If these women have placed so much confidence in it, the lemon most really offer incredible benefits. Over the years, lemons have become famous for its contribution towards weight loss and maintenance of the same. Nutritionists recommend intake of warm lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning — especially for people concerned about their weight.

 Lemon health benefits

Of course, there are numerous other benefits of lemon and have been discussed here at length.

1- Digestion

It is worth noting that the atomic structure of lemon water or juice resembles the digestive juices present in the stomach. The liver is tricked into producing bile responsible for the smooth flow of food throughout the body as well as the gastrointestinal tract. Also, lemon water relieves indigestion and can ease stomach upsets. Lemon juice contains acids that encourage the body to process good stuff present in foods at a slower pace. This, in turn, translates to steady insulin levels, which helps you obtain more nutrients from the foods consumed. Improved absorption of nutrients means reduced bloating.

2- Detoxification

The enzyme functions of the body also benefit significantly from lemon water. The liver is stimulated, resulting in a flush out of toxins. Since it is a mild diuretic, do not be surprised when you have to make more trips to the bathroom. In the process, the urinary tract gets rid of unwanted substances. Your skin will always thank you for this.

3- Skin Rejuvenation

Other benefits of lemon include rejuvenation of the skin and the general healing of the body. The antioxidants contained in Vitamin C do two important things — (1) fights damages resulting from free radicals, which help to keep the skin looking fresh and (2) It makes the body to continuously produce collagen which is necessary for removing wrinkles in the face. A recent survey published in the American journal of clinical nutrition revealed that regular consumption of vitamin c promotes a younger looking skin with fewer wrinkles.

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4- Have Therapeutic Properties

Benefits of this fruit also include those offered by its therapeutic properties. This trait boosts the immune system which helps to prevent a myriad of infections. If you are looking for a blood purifier, you may want to consider stocking your pantry with this magical fruit. Diseases such as cholera can be treated using lemon juice. Due to its high potassium content, it performs miracles for individuals suffering from heart problems. Its juice is also used as a fantastic antiseptic, especially when you want to stop internal bleeding.

5- Breath Freshener

Lemons help to get rid of even the most powerful stench. It has a reputation of neutralizing odors. As such, lemon can be used to eliminate bad breath caused by foods with strong smells such as fish, onions and garlic and so on.

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