4 Successful Strategies To Break Bad Habit

4 Successful Strategies To Break Bad Habit. The year is fast coming to an end, but that does meant that many of us have not had to deal with friends; we are constantly teased on our inability to break the pattern we swore to leave behind when we started the year. If you have tried every single strategy you have been told, but none seem to work, well, it is not that the bad habit is too ingrained; you just gave up soon son. Here are a few tips on how to break a bad habit.

  4 Successful Strategies To Break Bad Habit


Just like when you are planning to take on something big in life, planning is paramount when it comes breaking a bad habit. So when you are getting started, once you have the right state of mind to take on a habit that has been bothering you for years, you need to do one more thing before anything else; plan your approach. When do you intend to start? Who else will you involve in the process?

 Be aware of you habit

Trying as much as possible to ignore the habit, at first, might seem the best way to vanish it, but that will make things even worse. You actually need to understand the behavior before you can change it effectively. You need to spend some time sitting with your habit. When you do this, you will know why you do it, how it makes you feel and some of the triggers.

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 Talk to friends about it

When it comes to how to break a bad habit, accountability is crucial. At this pointing time, develop a very vocal accountability network by telling the people you are close to how you want to break the habit. Write them down and have them ask you on regular basis about your progress. The more vocal you are about it, the more likely friends are to call you out when you slip up.

 Reward yourself

Last but not least; successes small or big should be celebrated; reward yourself with some gifts. Start with those small victories and plan a big one when you know you are over the habit. At the end, it is important to note that habits are hard to break. Breaking a habit requires a tremendous amount of time and patience. However, when it comes to how to break a bad habit, a simple and workable plan will help you make enormous strides f you just apply the principles.

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